Board of Regents passes twelve resolutions at February 2019 meeting

UOG Board of Regents elects new chairperson

Board of Regents passes twelve resolutions at February 2019 meeting


The University of Guam Board of Regents held a regular meeting at 5:30 p.m. on Feb. 13, 2019. For questions on the resolutions below, please contact David Okada at (671) 735-2902 or

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The Board of Regents passed the following resolutions:

  • Passage of Resolution 19-01 - Approves the Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering Program

  • Passage of Resolution 19-02 - Approves the Graduate Certificate Policy, allowing the University of Guam to confer graduate certificates to students who may not otherwise complete a graduate degree program

  • Passage of Resolution 19-03 - Renames the "School of Health" to the "School of Health"

  • Passage of Resolution 19-04 -  Approves the revised University of Guam Travel Policy

  • Passage of Resolution 19-05 - Adopts Phase 2 of the new salary scale for administrators based on the 2008-2009 Survey of Colleges and Universities by the College and University Professional Association

  • Passage of Resolution 19-06 - Names Dr. Helen J.D. Whippy as Vice President Emeritus of the University of Guam

  • Passage of Resolution 19-07 - Approves the Student Financial Assistance Program FY2020 Budget

  • Passage of Resolution 19-08 - Amends BOR Resolution No. 12-16, which grants resident tuition for certain students eligible for education benefits under Title 38 -- Veterans Benefits -- United States Code, Chapters 30 to 33, to include students using educational assistance under Chapter 31, Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment

  • Passage of Resolution 19-09 - Approves the revised University of Guam Email Policy

  • Passage of Resolution 19-10 - Approves the FY 2020 General Operations budget and Special Appropriations budget

  • Passage of Resolution 19-11 - Approves amendments to the University of Guam Charter, to recreate the University of Guam as a 21st century institution to meet the educational needs of the region while diversifying its revenue sources to lessen dependence on the General Fund for its revenues, and to seek legislative approval

  • Passage of Resolution 19-12 - Approves the revised University of Guam President's Credit Card Policy