Women’s Basketball will go varsity in 2019-2020

Women’s Basketball will go varsity in 2019-2020

Women’s Basketball will go varsity in 2019-2020


Triton Athletics
Lady Trident Women's Basketball Club Team. Photo by UOG Sports Photographer Victor Consaga

The University of Guam, through its Triton Athletics Department, will promote the UOG Women’s Basketball Club Team, the Lady Tridents, to varsity status in 2019-2020.

The University currently has men’s basketball, women’s volleyball, men’s soccer, and women’s soccer at the varsity status, while the Recreation Program has had success with several club teams in women’s basketball, men’s basketball, women’s volleyball, and men’s volleyball. Recreation club teams are called the Tridents.

“We are very happy to add a new Triton team to the University, and we may be able to support both a varsity team and a club team as we have in the past with men’s basketball and women’s volleyball," said UOG Athletics Director Doug Palmer. "Participation in the women's basketball club team is up this season, and we have confidence that the University and the local community will support a varsity women's basketball program."

Palmer said the department will try to run at least two women’s basketball leagues per year at UOG and will hopefully play in at least one or two leagues/tournaments off-campus with a recruited varsity team.

"We will recruit local high school players and players from Guam Community College’s team to play basketball at UOG and hopefully have a very competitive varsity program," he said.

The Lady Tridents basketball club team has been able to play in the Guam 3x3 Women's Basketball Championship in the past and has played in at least one UOG league the past two years.

“Hopefully several of the players on the current club team will join the varsity program and the new players who will be coming to play varsity women’s basketball at UOG. But the academic standards for the varsity program are higher,” Palmer said. “As club team members, the players only have to be in one class and there is no GPA standard required. Varsity players have to be full-time students with at least 12 credits and maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA. And players need to have a 2.50 GPA to be eligible for an athletics scholarship."

Palmer will begin a search for a women’s basketball coach immediately, and individuals who wish to apply need to email the athletics director at palmerd@triton.uog.edu. Applicants should email a cover letter, resume, and three references with contact information when applying.

Call Palmer at (671) 735-2862 for more information.