Recreation & Wellness

Recreation & Wellness

Recreation & Wellness



GovGuam Worksite Wellness (Employees)

Any Government of Guam employee who chooses to participate in the Worksite Wellness Program must complete the Registration and Statement of Medical Clearance Form (Appendix A) and Lifestyle Questionnaire (Appendix B)  

These forms are requirements of the program guidelines and are integral components of the Wellness Program.

It must be obtained by the employee from a licensed physician and must include: 

  • Blood Pressure
  • Blood Glucose 
  • Body Composition (Height, Weight, Body Mass Index, and Body Fat)

These forms should be submitted to their Health Coaches. Employers are required to have their supervisor and/or Health Coaches approve their participation.

Health Risk Assessment (HRA) Websites for Health Insurances




Team or individual sport competitions to determine a winner in a league and/or game competition.


Individuals and/or teams involved in healthy classes or activities to improve health such as blood pressure, weight loss, less stress, etc.


Such things as games (badminton, ping pong), tournaments (Frisbee, pool, bowling) and other pursuits of a healthy nature or alternative sports


Groups of associated students, staff, faculty in an activity area such as chess, soccer, softball, badminton and group is in need of guidance for fundraising, or organizational pursuit 


Recreation classes such as yoga, Zumba, Pilates, jazzercise or other cardio and stress relief classes.