Gradebook training workshop for faculty begins Feb. 3

Gradebook training workshop for faculty begins Feb. 3

Gradebook training workshop for faculty begins Feb. 3


Moodle Gradebook Flyer

The Online Teaching Resources Team is pleased to offer a gradebook workshop from February 3 - 12, 2023. This online asynchronous professional development opportunity will help faculty and graduate assistants learn the process of creating and maintaining a gradebook while making grades easily accessible to students throughout the semester. Participants need to have both a current and an archived Moodle course to participate. 

Workshop Description

In this Faculty Workshop, participants will read and view tutorials to assist them in setting up Gradebooks in their Moodle classrooms and be guided through skill-building activities to gain familiarity with Moodle Gradebook settings and display options. Participants will complete this training by making modifications to one or more Moodle Gradebooks, sharing evidence of those changes, and reporting their knowledge gains. 

Pre-requisites: To complete the work required in this workshop, a participant will need to be able to access and work within an archived or current Moodle course in progress (with students).

Recommended but optional, some of the activities in this Workshop may also be completed in an archived Moodle course (which contains a group of students and their graded activities).

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of the Moodle Gradebook Workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Locate and use Moodle Gradebook online help resources
  • Find and adjust course settings for Moodle Gradebook availability
  • Add a grade item in Moodle Gradebook
  • Add a grade category in Moodle Gradebook
  • Move grade items and categories within Gradebook
  • Hide and show grade items
  • Navigate the tab and menu choices within the Gradebook
  • Adjust grade display options
  • Adjust % grade scale for Letter grades (example B+ = 88-91%)
  • Export grades to verify calculations
  • Create and use a new Scale
  • Configure Moodle Attendance with Moodle Gradebook
  • Remove or add ungraded grades or “empty grades” from calculations
  • Select category aggregation
  • Adjust calculations from points to weighted categories and back again
  • Drop the lowest score within a grade category
  • Record grades within Gradebook in “Grader Report” & in “Single View”
  • Use “bulk grading” to streamline grade recording

To register, contact:

Merissa Bunton, Ed.D.
Online Teaching Resources Course Design Specialist & CLASS Faculty