UOG publishes new edition of Micronesian Educator Journal

UOG publishes new edition of Micronesian Educator Journal

UOG publishes new edition of Micronesian Educator Journal


The University of Guam School of Education has published the June 2023 edition of the Micronesian Educator Journal.

Volume 33 captures diverse voices and topics from instructors from Guam and their colleagues from other learning institutions. 

UOG School of Education Faculty Dr. Kathrine J. Gutierrez, associate professor; Dr. Michelle M. Santos, associate professor; and Dr. Jackysha Green, assistant professor; co-wrote the essay “Reflections of Negotiating Instructional Frames and Assessing Our Work.” 

The essay discusses how their new insights as educators will be beneficial to the island’s diverse learners. 

In another content, Mika Cabrera and Victoria Revello, both graduate students at the time, shared the written version of their presentation “Balancing the Blend: Hybrid Spaces and Literatures,” at the 35th Language Arts Conference on Nov. 19, 2022. 

In the presentation, they advocated that "hybridized" content, not just hybrid teaching, can be incorporated into the Language Arts classroom. This approach recognizes multicultural backgrounds of Pacific Island students in Guam, according to the authors.

In another essay, Joaquin Nangauta Naputi gave tribute to “The Seven Heroes of Malesso” in World War II. Not many residents know, but Malesso' is the only village in Guam that was not liberated by the U.S. Armed Forces but by the villagers themselves, according to Naputi’s article, which honors the seven brave men: Jose S. Reyes, Mariano N. Nangauta, Jose N.Nangauta, Juan A. Naputi, Patricio S. Taijeron, Vicente M. Meno, and Nicolas A. Chargualaf.  The author has published more than 15 culturally-themed books, primarily about Guam and Hawaii.

The journal’s editors are Dr. Genevieve C. Leon Guerrero, Assistant Professor of Advanced Education & Research Services; and Dr. Matilda Naputi Rivera, Assistant Professor of Reading.

More topics and authors are offered in this latest volume. 

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