Micronesian Educator Journal

Micronesian Educator Journal

Micronesian Educator Journal

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Volume 28, Fañomnåkan 2020

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Section One: Research Papers
  • Developing Effective Culturally Specific Sexual Misconduct Policies and Prevention Strategies for Campuses in Micronesia

    Cynthia Cabot, Lisa Linda Natividad, John Rivera, Grazyna Badowski, Chelsea Fama, Jesse Quenga, Louis Dulana, and Rodney Teria

  • Should ESL Teachers Push-In in Guam?

    Lynsey Lee

  • Successful Launching Undergraduate Research in Mathematics at the University of Guam

    Leslie Aquino and Hyunju Oh

  • Assessment of Problem-Solving Skills based on Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy in relation to Critical Thinking and Quantitative Reasoning

    Zoltán Székely

  • Factors in Success among University Students

    Yukiko Inoue-Smith

Section Two: Critical Essays
  • Is Guåhan Going Green? Applying Four Theories of Environmental Philosophy

    James Sellmann

  • Teaching Time: Kathy Jetñil-Kijiner’s Critique of Bioregionalism

    David Gugin

  • Not the Super Man, but the Saved Man: Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment

    Christen Dimalanta

  • The Origin of Originality

    C. S. Schreiner

Section Three: Book Reviews
  • Review of Caroline Criado Perez’s Invisible Women: Data Bias in a World Designed for Men

    Paulette Coulter

  • Review of Carlos Madrid’s Beyond Distances: Governance, Politics and Deportation in the Mariana Islands from 1870 to 1877

    Perry J. C. Pangelinan

  • Review of Paul Kingsnorth’s Savage Gods

    C. S. Schreiner