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Micronesian Educator Journal

Micronesian Educator Journal

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Volume 27, Fanuchånan 2019

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Section One: Research Articles
  • Enhancing College Students’ Basic Skills in Quantitative Analyses of Research Data: A Case Study

Yukiko Inoue-Smith

  • Preparing ESL Students for Autonomy: A Case Study in Macau

Evelyn Doman

  • Historical Images of Women in CHamoru Culture

Camarin G. Meno and Iain K. B. Twaddle

Section Two: Action Research
  • The Effects of Immersion Teaching in an Elementary CHamoru Classroom

Thelma Soriano

  • Effects of Literacy Learning Centers in Increasing Sight Word Recognition among First- Grade Students in a Public School on Guam

Christine Velasco

  • The Impact of a Classroom Job System on Student Classroom Behaviors

Sara Manibusan

  • Chronic Absenteeism in a Second Chance School: What are the Root Causes and How Do We Mitigate It?

Melissa C. Meno

  • Impact of Mathematical Learning Centers in a Fourth Grade Class on Guam

Carla Santelli

Section Three: Critical Essays
  • Stieglerian Meditations

C. S. Schreiner

  • On Returning to Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five

John Currie

  • Confessions of a Copyeditor

Michel Pharand

  • A Tale of Two Classrooms

Paulette Coulter

Section Four: Book Reviews
  • Review of Sayak Valencia’s Gore Capital (Semiotexte/MIT Press, 2018)

Christina Lee

  • Review of Jenny Hval’s Paradise Rot (Verso Books, 2018)

Via Justine de Fant

  • Review of James C. Scott’s Two Cheers for Anarchism (Princeton UP, 2012)

C. S. Schreiner