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Travel Award

The RCUOG Travel Award is available to current University of Guam students to enhance their academic experiences.

Thanks to the commitment of UOG faculty and administrators, UOG students can broaden their educational experiences through these travel awards. These awards connect the RCUOG team to students and we appreciate learning about their experiences when they complete their travels.

RCUOG offers travel awards using mileage accrued from purchases made with the RCUOG official credit card in accordance with Public Law 32-019. Over 100 travel awards have been granted since 2017.

RCUOG will award travel miles to students for the following purposes: 

  1. Travel to a conference where a student’s paper is being presented
  2. Travel to a conference that is relevant to a student’s academic experience
  3. Travel to participate in a research experience project
  4. Travel as part of a study abroad program
  5. Travel as part of a UOG related sports or cultural program

RCUOG Travel Award Application

UOG Students Receive RCUOG Travel Awards

University of Guam students received Research Corporation of the University of Guam (RCUOG) travel awards to support travel to research conferences, international exchange programs, and other activities that enhance their academic experiences.

Travel awardees

Julie Laxamana and Zia Sandoval, both criminal justice majors, attended the Rotaract Conference in conjunction with Tokyo Rotary District 2750 in February, along with Dr. Ron McNinch, as part of a series of activities focused on community development. Victoria Deleon Guerrero, a graduate student in the Master of Public Administration program, Saipan cohort, traveled from Saipan to Guam to participate as a team member in the 2024 Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration Simulation Competition. The University of Guam team joined the virtual competition hosted in Europe. 

Travel Awardees

Taylor Aguon, a biology major, and Danica Tamondong, a business major, will travel to Kyoto Japan over spring break in March to attend two lectures on the Kyoto School of Philosophy as part of their undergraduate coursework/study abroad experience. Ryukoku University will serve as the hub for on-site educational sessions where they will learn about the history and culture of Kyoto.

TRAVEL awardee

Senior, Denzyl Ngiralmau, business major, will travel to Okinawa, Japan to co-present a paper, with Professors Joann Deigo and Jackysha Green, From Theory to Application: The Perceptions of University Students on the Use of Experiential Learning Techniques in Human Resource Management, at the International Conference on Business, Economics, and Information Technology conference in March in Naha, Okinawa.

Trevor Ho will travel to Okinawa, Japan to present his research paper, Marketing Guam to the World: A Study of the Island’s Tourism Market at the International Conference on Business, Economics, and Information Technology conference in March. Trevor will remain in Japan to participate in a one semester exchange program at Aoyama Gakuin University. Trevor is a business major minoring in Japanese language and mathematics. UOG’s Global Learning and Engagement Office organized the semester exchange program with Aoyama Gakuin University.

Travel Awardees

Zoe Ariellius and Garret O’Donnell, both graduate students in biology, will present their thesis research at the European Coral Reef Symposium in Naples, Italy in July. Dr. Heloise Rouze and Dr. David Combosch recommended these students for the award.


Ella Norris
Ella Norris presented her thesis research on the Brown Treesnake, Invasive Species Response to Aerial Suppression in Time and Space, and a Novel Monitoring Method, at the Marianas Islands Conservation Conference in Saipan in February.



RCUOG offers travel awards to students using mileage accrued from purchases made with the RCUOG official credit card in accordance with Public Law 32-019. RCUOG management and staff are delighted to play a small part in supporting students’ academic endeavors. RCUOG distributed 14 travel awards in 2023. 

Seniors Sabrina Zhi and Briteny Sison, both Biology majors, traveled to California in November of 2022 to attend the Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minoritized Scientists conference. 
 Napu Aguon, Thor Hauerbach, Ulysses Story, and Jiajun Chen
Business Majors Napu Aguon, Thor Hauerbach, Ulysses Story, and Jiajun Chen received travel awards to attend the Asia Pacific Association for Fiduciary Studies Pacific Region Investment Conference in November of 2022. Located in Manila, Philippines, the annual conference serves as a regional resource for best practices as well as investment and analysis trends. 
Mia Alvarez and Darren Palmes
Mia Alvarez and Darren Palmes, both seniors, traveled to Denver to attend the Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society Convention for English majors in March of 2023. Both presented their papers at the convention.
Joselle Garcia
Joselle Garcia, Sophomore, was selected to attend the Summer Health Professions Education Program in Texas in June of 2023. The internship was covered except for airfare from Guam to Honolulu. RCUOG supported roundtrip travel from Guam to Honolulu.
Solmars Tolentino, Denzyl Nigralmau, and Jamie Freitas traveled to Japan to attend and present their research at the International Conference on Business, Economics, and Information Technology in March 2023 to present their research. 
Heidee Bacani

Heidee Bacani, a business major, attended the Pacific Regional Investment Conference, Philippines in November.

Ian Galang

Ian Galang, attended the SACNAS conference in Portland, Oregon with attendees hailing from the States and territories.

28 UOG Students Receive RCUOG Travel Awards in 2022

Twenty-eight University of Guam students received Research Corporation of the University of Guam (RCUOG) travel awards for education-related travel in 2022.

Nico Valencia
Sophomore Nico Valencia, who is pursuing a biology degree, traveled to Connecticut in May to participate in the National Institute on Drug Abuse’s 8-week Summer Research Internship Program. Nico has been assigned to Dr. Renato Polimanti’s lab at Yale University where will learn about computational biology and psychiatric genetics.
Seanna Bataclan
Biology major Seanna Bataclan traveled to Oregon in June to participate in an 8-week summer internship at Oregon Health University. She will work under Dr. Katharine Zuckerman on mobile health equity for children with autism.
Abram Townsend
Graduate student Abram Townsend presented his thesis research on the genetic diversity and population connectivity of blue corals in Guam at the International Coral Reef Symposium (ICRS) in Bremen, Germany in July.
Colin Anthony
Graduate student Colin Anthony traveled to Japan as a visiting research student at Tohoku University in Sendai, Japan in September. While at Tohoku University, Colin will continue his research on coral ecology and physiology as well as assist Dr. Cheryl Lewis Ames with her research on marine invertebrate development and biodiversity, learn new laboratory and data analysis techniques, provide guest lectures, mentor students, and network with local academics.
Carlos TramonteRenee Crisostomo
Renee Crisostomo and Carlos Tramonte traveled to Florida in September to present their respective research projects at the Reef Futures Conference.
Andrew McInnis

Andrew McInnis was awarded travel to several islands in the region to conduct additional field research and coral reef monitoring protocols.


Anela Duenas, John Sacayan, Pablo de la Vega Basurto, and Sarai Vega, traveled to Puerto Rico in October to attend the SACNAS National Diversity Conference.
Therese Miller
Therese Miller attended a summer course, Biodiversity and Integrated Taxonomy of Invertebrates, at the University of Washington.
D'Amy Steward
D’Amy Steward, a graduate student at the Marine Laboratory, planned to travel to Saipan six times in 2022 to conduct field research for her thesis project focused on restoring coral reefs through improved restoration techniques.



ROTC Cadets

Caption: Front row from left (kneeling): Jude Tenorio, Lidio Fullo, Jeffery Seo, Amarah San Nicolas, Ednaco Berwyn, and Napu Cruz. Second row from left: Captain Jesse Lee Fontanilla, Bert Magallano, Khloe Miranda, Gohan Calunan, Gavin Whitt, Elaine Cases, Gabriel Aguon, Joseph Aquino, Gavin Pangelinan, and Noel Degracia.

15 UOG Army ROTC cadets traveled to the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas in March for an opportunity to develop leadership skills. Cadets led JROTC cadets at Tinian High School in field training exercises and physical fitness. Cadets who received travel awards include Noel Degracia, Khloe Ann Miranda, Gavin Pangelinan, Joseph Aquino, Lidio Fullo, Gohan Calunan, Jeffrey Seo, Gavin Whitt, Amarah San Nicolas, Gabriel Aguon, Bert Magallano, Jude Tenorio, Napu Cruz, Elaine Cases, Berwyn Ednaco.


Eries Moreno

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, RCUOG awarded just one travel award in 2021. UOG senior, Eries Moreno, was selected to participate in the prestigious 8-week Columbia-Amazon Summer Undergraduate Research Program in New York City. UOG faculty member, Dr. Kathy Lofdahl, submitted a letter of support for Eries and highly recommended him for a travel award as travel was the only component of the program not covered. Eries was placed at the Structure Function Imaging Laboratory, an electrical engineering lab led by Professor Christine Hendon. The laboratory focused on scientific inquiries surrounding the improvement of imaging devices and techniques of the human system. Eries’s research involved the analysis of breast cancer tissue that was imaged through optical coherence tomography, a common retinal imaging modality. Under the guidance of his mentor, Dr. Diana Mojahed, Eries analyzed image volumes from 100 patients and categorized multiple tissue features with the aim of developing an atlas. Moving forward, Eries aims to use this experience to encourage his peers to apply for this program, and other research opportunities, and continue his studies in STEM in pursuit of his goal of becoming a physician-scientist.

Eight UOG Students Receive RCUOG Travel Awards

Eight University of Guam students received Research Corporation of the University of Guam (RCUOG) travel awards for education-related travel in 2020. Only one, Jovic Caasi, managed to complete his travel before the pandemic hit in March of 2020.

In January, Jovic Caasi, computer science and mathematics major, presented his research poster on Vaccination and Education to Combat Yellow Fever: A Game Theoretical Approach at the Mathematical Association of America conference in Denver, Colorado.
Mari Deinhart
Graduate student Mari Deinhart planned to travel to Chuuk, Pohnpei, Kosrae, and Majuro in April to collect samples of an ecological keystone coralline alga to further expand the DNA database of reef organisms in the western Pacific. She was able to travel at a later date to collect some of her samples.
Kana Seki
RCUOG recognizes the following students who were selected to receive awards but were unable to travel because of the pandemic. Kana Seki, a UOG psychology major, planned to participate in an exchange program at Aoyama Gakuin University.
Julian Briosos, Jun Patrick Salalila, Prairie Garrido, Rahul Kirplani, and Sophia Menses planned to present their research projects at the International Conference on Business, Economics, and Information Technology in Sydney, Australia in March.
Julian Briosos Jun Patrick Salalila Prairie Garrido Rahul Kirplani Sophia Menses


Group Photo

Caption: Pictured from left are: Gloria Travis, Chief Business Officer, Julian Biosos, Rahul Kirplani, Jun Patrick Salalila, Kana Seki, Jovic Caasi, Sophia Menses, and Prairie Garrido. 

12 UOG Students Receive RCUOG Travel Awards in 2019

Twelve University of Guam students received Research Corporation of the University of Guam (RCUOG) travel awards for education related travel in 2019. The recipients will travel to Japan, Thailand, Kosrae, and Hawaii, the U.S. mainland to present their research projects, participate in internships, and enhance their academic experiences.

Lillian Troy
Senior and Pre-physical Therapy major Lillian Troy, pictured third from left above, participated in a physical therapy summer internship hosted by the Kameda Medical Center in Japan. Lillian will gain 100 hours of hands-on experience along-side physical therapists at Kameda Medical Center’s state of the art facilities.
Alyssa Gordon and Heather Garrido
Sociology majors Alyssa Gordon and Heather Garrido traveled to Tokyo, Japan to present their research at the International Conference on Education, Psychology and Social Sciences in August. Their research focuses on how the collectivist cultures and values of Micronesia are impacted by individualism and materialism.
Frank Roberto
Frank Roberto, who is pursuing his master’s degree in biology, will present his thesis at the Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS) conference in Honolulu in October. Roberto, as part of his duties as a research fellow for UOG’s NSF INCLUDES grant, will also prepare UOG undergraduates to present their research at the SACNAS conference.
Jeried Calaor
Graduate student Jeried Calaor, pictured with UOG professor Dr. Dan Lindstrom, presented his thesis work on the role that Mariana fruit bats play as seed dispersers in Guam at the 18th International Bat Research Conference in Thailand in July.
Arielle Lowe
English major Arielle Lowe attended the Conference on College Composition and Communication in Pennsylvania in March where she conducted a workshop on native-centered composition theory and pedagogy.
Christian Valencia
Christian Valencia, Business major, presented his paper on the economic and non-economic factors of international migration at the International Conference on Business, Economics, and Information Technology in Singapore in March.
Vince Campo
Vince Campo who presented his research on Dog Vaccination and Quarantine: A Mathematically Approach on Rabies” at the Joint Mathematics Meeting in Maryland in January.
Nicole Imamura
Nicole Imamura, a sophomore pursuing her biology degree, traveled to Hawaii in October to attend the SACNAS conference and present her research project on the Effect of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi on plant and soil health in Guam.
Mykel Lizama
Biology major Mykel Lizama, traveled to Hawaii to attend the SACNAS conference in October and to present her research on the Effect of Heat Stress on Leptastrea Reproduction.
Andrew McInnis
Andrew McInnis, a graduate student in the biology program working in the Houk lab at the Marine Laboratory, traveled to Kosrae to assist in long-term coral reef monitoring for a regional initiative, The Micronesia Challenge. I conducted coral reef surveys and worked with our counterparts at local natural resource agencies to improve data analysis skills. These long-term ecological surveys are critical to understanding both local and regional changes to valuable coral reef ecosystems.
Justin Johnson
Justin Johnson, a senior pursuing his business degree, traveled to the Philippines in November to attend the ICFC Finance Competition. The competition requires participants to delve into finance/accounting terms and concepts and prepares students to take the certified financial accountant examination.


Twelve UOG Students Receive RCUOG Travel Awards in 2018

Twelve University of Guam students received Research Corporation of the University of Guam (RCUOG) travel awards for education related travel in 2018. The recipients traveled to Palau, the Philippines, Texas, and England to present their research projects, lead workshops, and enhance their academic experiences.

Melissa Gabriel
Melissa Gabriel, a graduate student pursuing her master’s degree in biology, presented her research at the Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS) conference in San Antonio, Texas. Her thesis research focuses on the response of a specific type of coral to environmental stressors.
Travel Award 2018
Caption: Pictured from left are: Gloria Travis, RCUOG chief business officer, Travel Award recipients Gilbert Mangosong, Rita-Rose Hualde, Elizabeth Rutun, Mylisa Gillan, Rovee Ann Rios, and Cathleen Moore-Linn, RCUOG executive director.  Not pictured: Melissa Gabriel and Ferdene Dela Cruz.

Elizabeth Rutun’s research paper was accepted for presentation at the 23rd Pacific History Association Conference which was held in December 2018 at the Royal Academy of the Arts and the University of Cambridge in London, England. Ms. Rutun, who is pursuing her master’s degree in English, will present her research on traditional Yapese dance as narrative and marker of change and adaption as part of a panel presentation led by Dr. Evelyn Flores.

Mylisa Gillan and Sirena Garrido represented UOG at the Inter-Collegiate Finance Competition in Manila, Philippines. Ms. Gillan is a senior pursing her Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Finance and Economics Business majors Gillan and Garrido competed against other universities on a series of finance related topics. The competition helps prepare students to take the Chartered Financial Analyst Level One and Chartered Management Accounting examinations.

Four graduate students pursuing their master’s degrees in special education, Rita-Rose Hualde, Rovee Ann Rios, Gilbert Mangosong, and Ferdene Dela Cruz, received travel awards Palau to provide a workshop session for staff and parents of the Palau Head Start program on the topic of early childhood special education.

Luisa Tenorio Alexander Aflague
Luisa Tenorio and Alexander Aflague attended the 12th Annual International Conference on Business, Economics and Information Technology which was held in Osaka, Japan in March 2018. Aflague presented his economic analysis of the Federated States of Micronesia while Tenorio presented her research on income distribution.
Julia Berg

Julia Berg, a graduate student in the Marine Laboratory, participated in an underwater remote operated vehicles workshop in the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas. The Marine Ecology Via Remote Observation workshop was presented by Dr. Andrew Thayer in collaboration with Northern Mariana Trades School, Friends of The Marianas Trench Monument, and other community partners. Through a grant sponsored by NOAA and the Friends of the Mariana Trench Monument, a small fleet of observation-class micro ROVs were delivered to Saipan to be made available to researchers, conservationists, citizen scientists, managers, and other ocean stakeholders in the CNMI. Berg learned how to construct, maintain, and operate the mini-ROV.

Colleen Bamba
Business major Colleen Bamba attended the Society for Human Resource Management national conference in Chicago in June 2024.



RCUOG awarded 11 travel grants to University of Guam students for education-related travel in 2017. Recipients traveled to various destinations in Asia, the U.S. mainland, and Europe to present their research projects, pursue research, and enhance their academic experiences. Recipients include:

Ida Shalilian
Ida Shalilian, returned to Guam from her hometown of Houston to continue her research on her Environmental Science thesis which focused on “Innovative field measurement and discovery of an extraordinary volume of freshwater discharge flowing from a cave on Guam.” She validated her initial work with additional high-tech measurements and documented 2.3 million gallons of freshwater which flows into the ocean each day from Ayuyu cave on Guam’s northwestern coast. She is expected to finalize her technical report and prepare her manuscript for journal publication. She presented her findings to the Guam Waterworks Authority.
Joleen Unas and Katlyn Sutherland
Joleen Unas, Fine Arts and Computer Science major, and Katlyn Sutherland, Fine Arts major, were selected to represent UOG at the Zureta- the Misprint Exhibition held at the Chinretsukan Art Gallery at Tokyo University of the Arts in May 2017. This exhibit received submissions from twenty universities around the world. The exhibit traveled to other countries throughout 2017. Sutherland and Unas are pictured with Professor Irene Kecks.
James Fifer
James Fifer, a graduate student in Marine Biology, traveled to England to continue research on an emerging coral disease discovered by UOG Marine Lab’s Dr. Laurie Raymundo. He will participate in the analysis and sampling of DNA, RNA, and protein cells, which are essential steps in the study of a new coral disease. James will work in Dr. Mike Sweet’s laboratory at the University of Derby in England. Dr. Sweet and Dr. Raymundo are partners in this research project. 
Cassandra-Jay Flores-Hughes
Education major, Cassandra-Jay Flores-Hughes, has a strong interest in developing a set of courses centered on climate change that is culturally relevant to the region. The RCUOG travel award supported her participation in the Pacific Education Conference in Palau in July 2017, where she learned more about developing climate science curriculum and lesson plans to use at the high school level.
Cameron Dudkiewicz
Cameron Dudkiewicz, a Business Administration major with a concentration in Human Resources, attended the 2017 Society for Human Resources Management national conference in New Orleans in June. He had the opportunity to network with HR professionals and learned best practices in the human resources field.
Samanatha UncangcoMischa Calvo Cruz
Mischa Calvo Cruz, a senior majoring in Sociology, and Samantha Uncangco, a junior majoring in Psychology and Sociology, represented UOG at the 4th International Academic Conference in Social Sciences in Singapore. They will present their research on Guam’s ever-changing patterns of human ecology at the conference.
MArcel Jardeleza
Marcel Kate Jardeleza, a senior majoring in Biology, participated in a National Science Foundation Research Experience at the University of Hawaii in Hilo in the summer of 2017. Marcel presented her data at the Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS) conference in Salt Lake City, Utah in October 2017.
Noelle Bautista

Noelle Bautista, a senior majoring in Health Sciences, presented her abstract on tobacco, e-cigarette use, and sleep patterns at the American Public Health Association (APHA) national conference in Atlanta, Georgia in November. The travel award allowed her to expand her knowledge of health issues, network with professionals, and remain current with the latest trends and practices in the field.

Christian Delgado
Christian Delgado represented UOG at the Asia Pacific Association of Fiduciary Studies 17th Pacific Region Investment Conference in Manila, Philippines in November. As a Finance/Economics major and vice president of the Student Investment Club, Christian learned more about the finance industry in an international setting.