Safety & Security - Emergencies

Safety and Security - Emergencies



G4S Security Guard on Duty

(671) 888-2456 

G4S Dispatch Office Phone

(671) 649-9275

G4S UOG Campus Advisory

Safety & Security Services Office

(671) 735-2372

(671) 735-0332

Emergency Assistance


Guam Police Department

(671) 472-8911

Guam Fire Department

(671) 734-2264

Facilities Management & Services

(671) 735-2385

(671) 735-2375

Bomb Threat Safety Procedure

In light of recent activities at Guam DOE, and with GWHS next to our campus, please take necessary actions to be knowledgeable of the attached UOG Bomb Threat Checklist. A copy of this form should be near every phone in your area.

If such threat occurs at UOG, protocols for notification and evacuation procedures will be in effect. Keep in mind evacuation procedures are similar in process and accountability as you practiced in fire drills, and your rally points should avoid being near parking lot areas.

Download the UOG Bomb Threat Checklist

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Be Prepared!

An Active Shooter / Active Attacker is an individual or individuals actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a confined and populated area; active shooters / active attackers use firearms, machetes, knives, pipes, chains or other potentially lethal items and there is no pattern or method to their selection of victims. Of all the lethal weapons that may potentially be used, firearms have the widest range to cause harm or death.

What do I do?

Quickly determine the most reasonable way to protect your own life. Customers and clients are likely to follow the lead of employees and managers during an active shooter situation.

  1. RUN
    • Have an escape route and plan in mind
    • Leave your belongings behind 
    • Keep your hands visible
  2. HIDE
    • Hide in an area out of the active shooter’s view.
    • Block entry to your hiding place and lock the doors
  3. FIGHT
    • As a last resort and only when your life is in imminent danger.
    • Attempt to incapacitate the active shooter
    • Act with physical aggression and throw items at the active shooter 
                                       CALL 911 WHEN IT IS SAFE TO DO SO

To prevent panic and better prepare yourself in the event of an active shooter incident within your immediate vicinity/building, watch the video below and remember these three words: RUN. HIDE. FIGHT.


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