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Political Science provides education toward enlightened citizenship, and statesmanship, and prepares students for careers in government, journalism, the armed services, and business, and for graduate study in law and other professional areas. The political science curriculum provides knowledge of the theory and practice of politics with focus on the United States and the Asia-Pacific region. The program also provides competence in the reasoned evaluation of societal principles, the analysis of political behavior, and the logical, lucid expression of thought, all of which are needed by citizens, public servants, educators and professionals alike. 



Mary Therese F. Cruz, PhD (University of Hawai'i, 2012)
Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator

Michael J. Stoil, PhD (George Washington University, 1979)
Associate Professor 

Arun Swamy, PhD (Univ. of California at Berkeley, 1996)
Associate Professor, Professional Profile 

Assistant Attorney General Rob Weinberg, J.D.
Adjunct Professorial Instructor, Citizenship and Constitutional Law

Julian Aguon, LL.D. (University of Hawai'i, 2009)
Adjunct Professorial Instructor, International Law


POLITICAL SCIENCE MAJOR (Total:  45 Credit Hours)

  • Required Courses (33 credit hours):  PS101, BA110, MA151, PS202, PS215, PS225, PS300, PS302, either PS304 or PS412, PS326, and either PS402 or PS420
  • Required Electives (12 credit hours):  Any combination of (1) upper division political science courses (PS300 and 400-numbered), (2) MA385, and/or (3) PA402.  Note that PS482 can be taken two times as an elective, providing that it is not on the same topic both times.


POLITICAL SCIENCE MINOR (Total:  21 Credit Hours)

  • Required Courses (12 credit hours):  PS101, PS202, PS215, and PS225.
  • Required Electives (9 credit hours): Any upper division PS300 or 400-numbered courses.


Political Science Student Organizations

  • PI SIGMA ALPHA - Honor society for political science; open to students who have completed at least half of their undergraduate coursework including a minimum of four political science courses.
  • Political Science Student Association - Open to all students enrolled in a major or minor in the field, regardless of their academic status or achievement.


Political Science Curriculum

  • PS100 Introduction to Citizenship
  • PS101 Introduction to Government and Politics
  • PS202 Government in the United States
  • PS215 International Relations
  • PS225 State and Territorial Government
  • PS300 Research Methods in Political Science
  • PS302 Comparative Politics and Administration
  • PS304 Politics of Asia
  • PS307 Politics of Economic Development
  • PS310 Regional and International Organizations
  • PS326 Political Philosophy
  • PS375 The Legislative Process
  • PS402 U.S. Constitutional Development
  • PS403 U.S. Foreign Policy
  • PS404 Issues in Defense and National Security (colisted as MLS404)
  • PS412 Politics of Micronesia
  • PS420 International Law
  • PS426 American Political Thought
  • PS482 Special Topics in Political Science


Degree Program Requirements