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Psychology Program 

As a behavioral science, and a distinct but integral part of natural science, psychology stands between physiology and the social sciences. Psychology, like Anthology, links the behavioral sciences with the biological sciences. The major areas of psychological study are concerned with individual human behavior conceptualized as a natural phenomenon, studied by scientific and experimental methods, and understood in terms of psychological theories and laws.

The general objectives of the program in Psychology are to increase students' understanding of themselves and others, to enhance the skills of those specializing in related areas of study, and to prepare those pursuing psychology as a career for graduate student and professional work.



Dr. Paul Fleming
Associate Professor

Dr. Yoshito Kawabata
Associate Professor

Dr. Kyle Smith

Dr. Iain K.B. Twaddle


Psychology Curriculum 

  • PY100 Personal Adjustment
  • PY101 General Psychology
  • PY201 Child Development
  • PY202 Adolescent Psychology
  • PY210 Introduction to Experimental Psychology
  • PY304 Learning and Motivation
  • PY305 Sensation and Perception
  • PY309 History and Systems of Psychology
  • PY370 Introduction to Clinical Psychology
  • PY394L Learning and Motivation Laboratory
  • PY404 Cognitive Psychology
  • PY405 Animal Behavior
  • PY413/G Research Methodology in the Behavioral Sciences
  • PY420/G Abnormal Psychology
  • PY426/G Personality Theory
  • PY440/G Social Psychology
  • PY442 Cross-Cultural Psychology
  • PY/WG455G Psychology of Women
  • PY475 Micronesia and Mental Health
  • PY491 Psychological Research Seminar
  • PY492a-b Psychology Practicum


Degree Program Requirements