Division of Mathematics and Computer Science

Division of Mathematics and Computer Science

Division of Mathematics and Computer Science

  • Working in acute care surgery, Nicko Inocencio hopes to comfort patients through a difficult time.

    UOG alum becomes physician assistant and begins certification in life-saving surgeries

  • Nearly 30 students spent the summer gaining experience in theoretical and computation research.

    Summer REU teaches undergrads, high schoolers to solve real-world problems using math

  • A Boston University professor who grew up in Guam will hold a series of workshops at UOG.

    Students gain exposure to new math concepts from visiting Boston professor

  • Five schools learned from a visiting mathematician and competed in a math competition for Math Day.

    CNAS Math Day engages more than 100 teens

  • The public is invited to look at the math behind animated movies with Michael Dorff.

    Math Day returns at UOG with a special visiting speaker

  • The students used mathematical modeling to address local ecology issues like the coconut rhinoceros beetle.

    Math students present their research at NREUP Student Showcase

  • With his bachelor's in math complete, he heads to California to further his education.

    Graduate William Sablan to begin Ph.D. in mathematics

  • Michelle Luces and Ervin Pascual

    Engineering students go to Chicago for advanced computing challenge

PIC Math

Preparation for Industrial Careers in Mathematical Sciences, also known as PIC Math, prepares mathematical sciences students for industrial careers by engaging them in research problems that come directly from the industry.

The PIC Math program aims to:

  • Increase awareness among mathematical sciences faculty and undergraduates about non-academic career options.
  • Teach faculty how to make industry connections in order to provide research experiences for their students to work on real problems coming directly from business, industry, or government.
  • Prepare students for industrial careers.

A strong component of PIC Math involves students working as a group on a semester-long undergraduate research problem from business, industry, or government. Undergraduate research is a high-impact teaching and learning practice and has been shown to improve students' abilities in:

  • Problem solving
  • Critical thinking
  • Independent thinking
  • Communicating

All these traits and skills are valued by employers of STEM professionals. PIC Math will supply faculty with tools to offer students experiences designed to better prepare them for careers.