GDOE Social Studies Textbook Project

GDOE Social Studies Textbook Project

Sprouting Knowledge: Social Studies Textbook Project

With the desire to place students and their experiences at the center of their learning, the Guam Department of Education (GDOE) has contracted UOG Press to develop and publish locally and regionally relevant kindergarten-through-fifth-grade social studies textbooks that will be used in GDOE elementary schools.   

This community-driven project involves a distinguished team of renowned local authors and scholars; a cadre of highly skilled elementary school teachers; and incredibly talented Guåhan artists, cultural experts, community advisors and other specialists. A key component to the success of this project is consistent collaboration with teachers, parents, students and other stakeholders at all stages of content development to ensure that the textbooks meet the distinct needs of students in Guåhan’s schools.  

The social studies textbooks will engage students as “active participants in society,” and will teach them about their unique place in the world. In informal surveys conducted by UOG Press, teachers and parents expressed their desire for more content about our island and region in the books to deepen students’ understanding of their own history and guide them towards discovering a sense of purpose.  

Teachers’ Reflections on the Need for Locally and Regionally Relevant Textbooks

It is important to instill that as a contributing citizen, there is a requirement to be simultaneously law abiding in a modern system, as well as [to] be supportive of culture. Caring for our environment, respecting nature, and continuous learning of the CHamoru way of life sustains this. Concepts include Living up to the promise of the Inifresi, going green and being self-sustainable in every way possible; contributing to and being a part of the community; and living a life that integrates not only physical, social, and cognitive wellbeing, but spiritual well-being, too.

– Joylene Lime, 5th grade teacher, Astumbo Elementary School 

Social Studies is taught in school to ensure that all members of society are well-prepared to be contributing active members equipped with the requisite knowledge and information to be productive in their communities. Respect, reciprocity and inter-connectedness are central values that must be at the core of teaching students to be good local and global citizens.

– Selina Cruz Castro, 4th grade teacher, Agana Heights Elementary School