An Anthology of CHamoru Literature


Submission Deadline:  December 31, 2022

The Na’huyong CHamoru Anthology Project is seeking creative writing by CHamoru authors from Guåhan, the Northern Marianas, and across the diaspora to be included in this first anthology of its kind. This collection will feature influential work from throughout the spectrum of CHamoru literary production including new writing.


We are accepting various creative genres including poetry, short stories, one-act plays, creative nonfiction, and excerpts from novels or memoirs.

  • Number of submissions: Up to 3 submissions
  • Length: No word minimum, but each submission must not exceed 5000 words
  • Where to send the submissions: Submission packets must be emailed to by December 31, 2022 

will be accepted as long as you retain the copyright(s) to the work and provide information on the place(s) where the work was previously published (name of publication, date, and volume if applicable).


Once received, submissions begin an anonymous-review selection process. Expect up to three-to-four months after the close of the submission period for a decision on whether your work has been selected for publication. After this period, if you have not heard from us, you may e-mail the editors at for the status of your submission.


Regardless of the genre, we seek from across the CHamoru experience:

  1. honest, unpretentious, and perhaps even vulnerable writing that explores the writer’s realities, both those within as well as without;

  2. inspirational writing that will awaken readers, especially young adults in both high school and college, to view their experiences through different lenses;

  3. work with a clarity that probes assumptions and provokes various levels of understanding; and

  4. manuscripts that bravely and persuasively challenge long-held beliefs and excavate buried knowledges.

  1. A Cover Page with
    1. your name,
    2. titles of your submitted work,
    3. the date of submission and
    4. your contact information (a cover letter form is provided on the Project’s webpage, which can be accessed using the QR Code or link below);
  2. A Signed Publishing Agreement providing UOG Press rights to review and publish your submission (if selected) (the Publishing Agreement form is provided on the Project’s webpage, which can be accessed using the QR Code or link below);
  3. Up to 3 submissions of your best work in MS Word formats, .doc and .docx (do not place your name on any page of these samples, as they will undergo an anonymous-review selection process);
  4. Author Photo and Brief Bio: A publishable photo and a brief author biography of no more than 250 words that introduces us to you and your CHamoru heritage;
  5. Your contact information including:
    1. Mailing address
    2. E-mail address
    3. Phone number

If you are submitting your work in CHamoru, we encourage a translation for the sake of readers, especially students assigned to read the anthology. UOG Press and Na’huyong will be glad to provide a translation. However, we recognize that a CHamoru language piece without a translation makes a significant statement about a writer’s choices. We respect those choices and will consult with you about your wishes should the piece be selected.


E-mail is the preferred form of submission. You may also share your longer pieces with us via Google Drive. Send your Submission Packet by no later than December 31, 2022 to For your subject heading, state your name, quantity of submitted pieces, and type of work. For example: Jalene Mendiola, 3 poems.


For submissions by mail or courier, packets must be postmarked by December 31, 2022. Manuscripts and other materials will not be returned.

Send six (6) copies of your Submission Packet to:

Dr. Evelyn Flores, Editor
The Na’huyong CHamoru Anthology Project 
Division of English and Applied Linguistics
University of Guam
UOG Station
Mangilao, Guam 96923


Each author whose work is accepted for publication will receive a complimentary copy of the anthology. 


UOG Press in partnership with the Pacific Daily News will be conducting creative writing workshops from July through November 2022. The editors encourage writers to join these workshops and receive feedback on their pieces as they polish them for submission. Visit the events page at or follow @uogpress on Instagram for more details. 

Na'huyong Publishing Agreement Download Flyer