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UOG Press Resources

UOG Press Activity Sheets and Curriculum Resources

UOG Press is happy to provide free copies of our activity sheets to promote literacy and increase accessibility to learning resources and literary and scholarly texts.

Our activity sheets are perfect companions for our Taiguini Books and are created to build reading comprehension; encourage engagement with our publications; and promote literacy, language and critical and creative thinking. Choose from a range of coloring sheets, language learning activities, creative writing and art prompts, problem-solving activities, and curriculum guides.

Taiguini Books

13 Months in Malesso'

by Dolores Barcinas Santos

13 Months in Malesso’ captures a distinctly CHamoru sense of time and place, and beautifully illustrates the many ways in which the island of Guam nourishes and sustains its people.

13 Months In Malesso' Activity Sheets

CHamoru Legends

by Teresita Perez and Translated by Ana Rivera Tenorio

CHamoru Legends: A Gathering of Stories retells 12 CHamoru legends and includes personal reflections from author Teresita Lourdes Perez, unique illustrations for each legend by Guam artists, and versions of the legends in the CHamoru language by Maria Ana Tenorio Rivera.


Chepchop Unai

by Catherine Payne

At the seashore, or chepchop unai, a young boy named Juan learns how to build sand sculptures from his uncle. This book highlights the beauty and importance of intergenerational sharing in the CHamoru culture.

Chepchop Unai Activity Sheets

The Lovable Mansanita Tree (Guaiyayon na Trongkon Mansanita)

by Delores Camacho

The Loveable Mansanita Tree (Guaiyayon na Trongkon Mansanita) highlights the special bond shared between three young sisters, who found sanctuary and adventure under the canopy of their loveable mansanita tree.

The Lovable Mansanita Activity Sheets

I Lalai i Bilembaotuyan

by Catherine Payne and John Payne II

I Lalai i Bilembaotuyan is the story of a young girl, Lalai, and her grandfather, Tåtan Bihu. Through patience, practice, and love for one another, Tåtan Bihu teaches Lalai how to play the bilembaotuyan, a unique CHamoru instrument that makes a beautiful sound.

I Lalai i Bilembaotuyan Activity Sheets

The Lost Child (I Malingu na Påtgon)

by Rufina Mendiola
The Lost Child (I Malingu na Påtgon) tells the story of a young girl named Bella, who feels like she has been forgotten by her large and very busy family. She finds friendship and love in her garden.

Ma Guaiya Yu', si Nåna yan si Tåta (Grandma and Grandpa Love Me)

by Simone Bollinger and Dana Bollinger

Ma Guaiya Yu’, si Nåna yan si Tåta (Grandma and Grandpa Love Me) is a vibrant picture book featuring lovely watercolor illustrations that depict the many ways grandparents show their love to their grandchildren.

Ma Guaiya Yu' Activity Sheets

Mother Tree

by Olympia Terral

Mother Tree tells the story of Atisa, the last surviving adult håyon lågu, or “tree of the north” on Guam. She has become the Mother Tree and the final hope for this beautiful native species to survive.

Mother Tree Activity Sheets

Pedro and the Golden Ko'ko' (Si Pedro yan i Hilét Oru na Ko'ko')

by Lance Osborn

Pedro and the Golden Ko’ko’ (Si Pedro yan i Hilét Oru na Ko’ko’) is an exciting tale of a young boy named Pedro from Malesso’, who is on a quest to capture the clever Golden Ko’ko’.

Pedro and the Golden Ko'ko' Activity Sheets

Storyboard 19: A Journal of Pacific Imagery

Produced by UOG Press and UOG Departmen of English and Applied Linguitics

For over 20 years, Storyboard: A Journal of Pacific Imagery has promoted literacy in the Pacific Islands and annually invites writers and artists to submit poetry, prose and artwork responding to current themes and topics impacting Pacific islands. 

Peling Activity Sheets

Curriculum Resources

UOG Press worked with a group of K-12 CHamoru teachers from the Guam Department of Education to create curriculum guides, activities and presentations to help teachers use CHamoru publications published by Taiguini Books in their courses. Teachers were able to provide examples on how the books can help to achieve grade-level appropriate curriculum standards and be used to teach a variety of concepts, vocabulary, cultural values and much more. 

Curriculum Guides, Activities, and Presentations Per Grade Level