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About Triton Athletics

The University of Guam “Triton Athletic Department” is a wide ranging organization that includes varsity athletics, rental of the Calvo Field House, recreation department with sport clubs, wellness programs, classes and other activities, the Triton Fitness Center, Camp Programs and a fundraising arm. The department serves the University and the surrounding community. 

Triton Athletics is an ever growing organization that works with many of the Olympic committee and national teams on the island of Guam as well as youth groups, University departments and community service branches that deal with health, sport and physical well-being of the citizens of Guam. 

The department has a rich history in athletics with championships in soccer and football, along with periods of no athletic teams at all. The UOG Calvo Field House has served the island of Guam as the largest civic center on the island devoted to community service. Generations of children have taken part in the Summer Adventure Camp Program and have returned to serve the camp as instructors and counselors.   

Triton Athletics is centered to serve many different populations in many different ways and continues to grow to serve more and broaden the scope of a healthy and knowledgeable Guam.