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The Herbarium is housed in the first floor, Room 105, of the Science Building of the University of Guam, which is in the village of Mangilao, Guam. Guam is a small (540 km2) volcanic and tectonically uplifted limestone island in the Mariana Archipelago, Micronesia. Micronesia is a region of the tropical western Pacific Ocean with over 2000 islands, of which Guam is the largest.

For directions to the Herbarium from the airport and information on hours of operation and parking, see VISITOR INFO.

zeroonpagan image

Japanese Zero at old airfield on Pagan in the northern Mariana Islands. Grazing by feral cattle prevents trees from invading the field. Casuarina equisetifolia L. dominates the distant treeline. Despite considerable recent volcanic activity, Pagan retains its position as the island with the most diverse flora in the uninhabited northern archipelago. By contrast, the nearby island of Anatahan is now blanketed in a thick layer of volcanic ash that has smothered its once lush vegetation. Extensive collections of plants from both these islands are housed in the Herbarium. Photo: AM Kerr.