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School of Business & Public Administration


School of Business and Public Administration


SBPA Building

The School of Business & Public Administration (SBPA) mission relates to the University of Guam mission. As a land-grant institution, the University provides programs and outreach opportunities that integrate SBPA and its students into the fabric of the community and the development of regional economies. The liberal arts setting and General Education requirements of the University are integral to SBPA professional degree programs and curricula.

In its mission commitment to teaching, service and research, SBPA is dedicated to the success of its students by providing quality bachelor's and master's degree programs in business administration, criminal justice and public administration with concentration appropriate to the region.

The School is a repository of knowledge for economic and business issues, where scholarship and service support and enhance its educational programs. The School encourages faculty and students to undertake applied research and provide community and university services for the benefit of business and public agencies in the region. The School plays an important role in providing needed services to the community and university through small business development, conferences, seminars, and professional consulting to business and government.

SBPA Mission Statement
We are the regional center for education, development, service and research in business and government. Our core values promote and foster sustainable, ethical, and socially responsible leadership.

SBPA Vision for Greatness
We aspire to become the leading regional center of excellence for education, development, service, and research in sustainable business and government for our stakeholders. (Adopted on October 25, 2013)


SBPA Core Values
The School espouses the following core values that relate to its mission, its students and its vision of the future:

  • Academic quality: Critical thinking supported by strong fundamental skills
  • Cultural diversity
  • Social responsibility: currency and excellence in thought and action
  • Lifelong learning and growth
  • Strong work ethic: teamwork, hard work, dedication and continuous improvement
  • Social and economic development of Guam and the Western Pacific region
  • Graduates who can compete globally, think strategically and respond to change.


The University of Guam has received specialized accreditation for its business programs through the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), located in Olathe, Kansas.  The business programs in the following degrees are accredited by the IACBE:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Professional Master of Business Administration

SBPA News & Announcements

UOG PALS Program Hosts Harassment Prevention Workshop for Students

The purpose of the workshop is to increase public awareness, especially among students by providing information on recognizing forms of harassment, harassment prevention and how to deal with a harassment situation.

"Blood In Blood Out" Film Screening

The film will be shown Oct. 13 at the UOG FIne Arts Theatre.

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