Student Government Association

About Us

The SGA council is made up of fifteen elected student members. A President, a Vice President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and eleven Senators. 

The 55th SGA is a diverse group of students with various interests and majors who are also members of other University student organizations. 

Our advisor are Dr. Suzanne Bells-McManus, Special Education Advisor, School of Education and Dr. Michael Griffin, Professor of Communication, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences.

Our Dean is Dr. Michael Gunn, Enrollment Management and Student Success.


Who We Are


Executive Officers:
  1. Samantha David, President
  2. Darryl Navarro, Vice President
  3. Mae Picayo, Secretary
  4. Bertran Palacios, Treasurer


  1. Alexia Sablan-Ada
  2. Jullian Briosos
  3. Annie Camacho
  4. Cierra Camacho
  5. Paul Legaspi
  6. Angel Malasarte
  7. Jeanie Nguyen
  8. Braydyn Mesa
  9. Brian Murray
  10. Christian Punzalan
  11. Aiyana Shedd