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About Us

Student Government Association

About Us

The SGA council is made up of fifteen elected student members. A President, a Vice President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and eleven Senators. 

The 52nd SGA is a diverse group of students with various interests and majors who are also members of other University student organizations. 

Our advisor is Dr. Mary Cruz, Associate Professor– Political Science, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. 

Our Interim Dean is Remy Cristobal, Enrolment.


Who We Are

SGA Officers
Executive Officers:
  1. Derick Baza Hills, President - Agat. Public Administration
  2. Derek Sablan, Vice President - Dededo, History
  3. Melissa Quinata, Secretary - Inarajan, BA in Communications/Graduate Student
  4. Lea Quinitio, Treasurer - Dededo, BA in Business/Graduate Student


  1. Vincent Borja –Piti, BA in Business
  2. Randy Dahilig - Dededo, Computer Science
  3. Antonio Diaz - Chalan Pago, Social Work
  4. Sylvia Elias - Mangilao, Social Work
  5. Carolyn Haruo - Chalan Pago, Secondary Education & Chemistry
  6. Kebor Kerradel - Sinajana, Math
  7. D'ana Naputi - Inarajan, BA in Public Administration/Graduate Student
  8. Janelle Santos - Yigo, Business & Marketing
  9. Jeannelle Santos - Dededo, Criminal Justice
  10. Craig 'Cara' Tajalle - Mangilao, Social Work
  11. Leonard Ventura - Yigo, Biology