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Student Government Association

SGA Activities

During the academic year 2014 - 2015, SGA has sponsored, hosted, and/or participated in numerous activities and events which are the following:


SGA Activities and Sponsored Events:
  • SWSA’s International Coffee Day and Sexual Assault Awareness Forum
  • Triton’s Call and Student Publications
  • UOG Theatre Productions
  • CEI/SEC Special Olympics Contributions
  • Mad Hat Tea Party Meet and Greet
  • College Career Fair
  • FSM National Day
  • (PSO, CSO, KSO, YSO)
  • General Student Assembly  
  • Supported SIC at PI Conference
  • Sociology Club Fall 14 events
  • YSO Town Hall Meeting
  • Biology Club Haunted House
  • FEA & AEYC Spooktakular
  • AMA Pandora’s Box
  • RHGC Halloween Party and Pumpkin Carving Contest and Activities
  • SGA Cornucopia Contest And Thanksgiving Luncheon
  • Fall Assembly and Culture Night 2014
  • Fall Welcome Back Event 2014
  • Spring Welcome Back Event 2015
  • HSSO Open Mic Night
  • RHGC Thanksgiving Lunch November 27