Comptroller's Office


Comptroller's Office


We are committed to quality service in order to efficiently and accurately process the financial activity of the University, maintain student accounts, comply with regulatory compliance under the Federal and Local laws, and safeguard the University's assets.


Comptroller's Office:

The Comptroller’s Office is supported by 25 staff grouped in different sections: The Business Office, Supply Management, Payroll, Bursar/Collections/Student Accounts, and an Administrative Assistant. The Comptroller reports directly to the Vice President of Administration and Finance.

The B.O. is the largest section, providing a wide variety of functions and services. B.O is divided into two main sectors: The General Ledger/Local Section and the Grants Management Section.  

The General Ledger (GL) or Local Section is responsible for the record keeping, financial reporting, and monitoring of the budgets and other funding sources of over 16 units accounted for under the General Fund (local fund), auxiliary services, discretionary, entrepreneurial, indirect cost and non-appropriated activities. These units are accounted for separately under the Colleague System, the University’s General Ledger System.  

The Grants Management or Federal Section is responsible for the accounting of over 550 Federal (direct and pass-through) and Local grants. The section manages the recordkeepingcompliance, and financial reporting as required by the funding agency, both Federal and Local.  

The B.O. supports the Bursar/Collections/Student Billing and Accounts Section with the receipts of student tuition and the disbursement of PELL and Stafford Loans, merit, and student stipends. There is a strong and effective link between the B.O. and other units such as the Bursar/Collections/Student accounts, the Financial Aid Office and the Admissions and Records.  

The Payroll Section manages over 800 employees processed in this department. This section is responsible for paying the administrators, faculty, staff, and students, withholding, benefits and filing related taxes and maintaining labor distribution, including the required Time and Effort payroll allocation.   

The University has its own procurement unit. The Supply Management team oversees all purchases, bids, requests for quotations and proposals. 

Staff Development and Training:

The staff of the Comptroller’s Office participate in periodic technical training and annual professional development workshops. The Comptroller supports and encourages staff in the pursuit of higher education and professional certification.

Service Provided to Students:

  • Assisting students with questions about their accounts
  • Assessing tuition and fees on a timely basis
  • Generating e-bills and maintaining accurate student account balances
  • Facilitating payments of outstanding student account balances
  • Processing students’ PELL grants, Stafford Loans, Merit Awards, Stipends, and other scholarship awards
  • Refunding excess balances on student accounts
  • Receiving payments by phone, by mail, and in person
  • Offering payment plan options to ease financial pressures



The Comptroller’s Office is part of the University’s Administration and Finance division under the leadership of Randall V. Wiegand, Vice President-Administration and Finance. Mr. Wiegand reports to the University President, Dr. Anita B. Enriquez

The managerial and supervisory staff includes:

  • Abigail Martin, Comptroller 
  • Elsa Flores, Associate Comptroller/Bursar 
  • Merlita Azicate, GAS Grants Management 
  • Romar Tapeceria, GAS General Ledger 
  • Liz Guruwaen, Payroll Supervisor 
  • Supply Management Administrator 
  • Marie Louise Jorolan, Bursar Supervisor