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Human Resources | Job Opportunities

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Apply for faculty, administrator, and classified jobs at the University of Guam through our online employment portal. 


Faculty and Administrator Announcements

028-20 - Assistant Professor to Associate Professor (Geology) - Amendment
025-20 - Instructor to Associate Professor (Obstetric Maternal-Child Health Nursing)
024-20 - Instructor to Associate Professor (Adult Health/Community Health Nursing)
019-20 - Assistant Professor to Associate Professor (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)) - Amendment
014-20 - Instructor to Associate Professor (Social Psychology)
013-20 - Instructor to Associate Professor (Clinical Psychology)
099-19 - Assistant Professor/Extension Agent III to Associate Professor/Extension Agent IV (Extension Family Life and Youth Development)

Classified and Unclassified Staff Announcements

054-20 Research Associate I (CNAS/WPTRC/Plant Pathology)
053-20 Research Assistant I (CNAS/WPTRC)
049-20 CEDDERS Assistive Technology Center Assistant
044-20 Safety Administrator - PeopleAdmin (Amendment)
042-20 Peer Mentor (SOE)
041-20 Marine Technician II - PeopleAdmin
040-20 Research Associate I (CNAS/WPTRC)
034-20 - Educational Specialist (EMSS/TRIO/Upward Bound - Summer 2020)
033-20 - Office Manager (EMSS/TRIO/Upward Bound) - PeopleAdmin
016-20 - Academic Assistant (EMSS/TRIO/Upward Bound)
010-20 - CEDDERS Grant Assistant II - PeopleAdmin (Amendment)


RCUOG Job Announcements


AmeriCorps Job Announcements

N / A


Other Job Announcements

IT&E Postpaid Product Specialist
Guam Department of Education: HRD-016-2020 - Accounting Technician I
IT&E Inventory and Revenue Analyst
IP&E HVAC Technician
GRESCO, Inc. - Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable