Chief Planning Office

Chief Planning Office

Chief Planning Office

Chief Planning Office

The Chief Planning Office manages the Physical Master Plan of the University.

Vision 2025 - University of Guam Physical Master Plan

PMP Dec 2017


The UOG Vision 2025 Physical Master Plan (PMP), updated on December 6, 2017, is one of the major components developed in support of the Institutional Strategic Plan.

The Update outlines the framework for the main campus and addresses building uses and space needs; transportation and parking; land use; landscape master planning; and project priorities. It also incorporates sustainable principles and targets UOG at a Silver LEED level for the campus. The PMP Update is comprised of eight design modules based on the planning principles, project priorities, and general construction sequencing.  

Vision 2025 Physical Master Plan (Updated December 2017)

Civilian Military Task Force (CMTF)  -  2009

The University of Guam participates in the Civilian Military Task Force (CMTF) which was created by Gov. Felix Camacho through Exec. Order No. 2006-10 and is comprised of members from the education community, Government of Guam, military, business community, civic organizations, and the public. 

The primary purpose of the taskforce is to identify issues and concerns that affect the overall needs of the island in anticipation of the military expansion.  There are 11 sub-committees. 

The University of Guam chairs the Sub-committee on Education and its mission is to document and benchmark, review, assess, and develop recommendations that support the goal of maintaining quality, accessible education island-wide (public, private, and Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA)) at all levels from kindergarten through grade level 18 (K-18) as planned military growth and island-wide population growth occur.

The last report update was submitted on February 10, 2009 as part of an update to the 30th Guam Legislature’s committee on Guam Military Build-up and Homeland Security and is attached for your information.  An information briefing was provided to the 30th Guam Legislature’s committee and is also attached for your information.
The CMTF also responded to the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) that was released to the Guam community on November 30, 2009 for comments.  The final date for comments was February 17, 2010.  Attached is a copy of the DEIS.  Also attached are comments by UOG personnel who chose to provide the CMTF subcommittee on Education a copy of their input which were sent with a cover letter by the University of Guam President.


   Reports and Updates


    Copy of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) - Nov 2009

  • Executive Summary
  • Readers Guide
  • Volume 1 - Overview
  • Volume 2 - Marine Corps Relocation - Guam
  • Volume 3 - Marine Corps Relocation - Tinian
  • Volume 4 - Aircraft Carrier Berthing
  • Volume 5 - Army Air and Missile Defense Task Force (AAMDTF)
  • Volume 6 - Related Actions
  • Volume 7 - Mitigation and Impacts
  • Volume 8 - Additional Items Required by NEPA
  • Volume 9 - Appendices

    UOG Responses to the DEIS