Call for Presenters: Pacific Educational Conference

Call for Presenters: Pacific Educational Conference

Call for Presenters: Pacific Educational Conference


The Guam Department of Education in collaboration with Pacific Resources for Education and Learning, the University of Guam, and the Guam Community College announces its call for presenters to the 31st Pacific Education Conference, which will take place in Guam from July 6-10.

Centered on the theme of “Empowering the Pacific Child ― Nina’siñan I Patgon Pasifiku,” the 31st conference aims to provide an opportunity for educators, professionals, organizations, students, and community educational stakeholders from different areas of the Pacific to connect with and learn from colleagues and to build on and expand educational expertise.

The organizers are looking for dynamic, engaging, and knowledgeable presenters to share their best practices, ideas, strategies, and insights. Potential presenters are invited to submit one or more presentation proposal(s) for a breakout session lasting 90 or 180 minutes per session.


Early Curriculum Education


Curriculum Standards




Research-Based Teaching Strategies and Practices


Literacy Education


Special Education


Emerging Political, Environmental, and Social Sustainability


Family and Community Engagement


Sustainability of Language & Culture


Service Learning


Academic and Career Programs and Experiences


Educational Technology


Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)


Social and Emotional Development


Physical Activity and Healthy Eating Habits


Student-Led Demonstrations


Demonstrations Led by Teacher, Higher Education, or Industry Partner


School Improvement


1. All proposals should include the following:

  • Conceptually strong foundation, well-written, with clearly stated learning outcomes and appropriately documented theory, research and/or experience.
  • Engaging presentation format that involves the audience and stimulates discussion.
  • Information about equipment needs (i.e. BYOD format – Bring Your Own Device) and special accommodations.      

2. Proposals are due April 3 via online submission at
3. Presentations will be reviewed for relevance and purpose, based on presentation strands.
4. Presenters will be notified about their proposal status via email by May 1 to confirm participation. 
5. Presenters must make payment of $150 (early registration rate by May 15) or $250 (regular registration rate after May 15).

View the Call for Presenters here