University of Guam Film Festival hosts 2020 Cozy Cinema

University of Guam Film Festival hosts 2020 Cozy Cinema

University of Guam Film Festival hosts 2020 Cozy Cinema


An audience at last year's University of Guam Film Festival on May 10 enjoys a film produced by UOG communication students. This year's UOG Film Festival will be shown virtually on Nov. 20 over Zoom and streamed to Facebook.


The University of Guam Film Festival (UOGFF) will host the "2020 Cozy Cinema" from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 20. This event is open to the public and will feature student films produced within the Communication Program. The virtual student showcase will be live on Zoom and will be streamed to Facebook.

The sixth UOGFF was postponed from its annual spring showcase earlier this year. Despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the communication students decided to continue the tradition of the film festival to highlight Tritons' creative work and dedication with films created by UOG communication students.

The planning committee for this film festival is led by the students of the CO-410 (Public Relations Campaigns and Events) course, taught by Dr. Lilnabeth Somera. 

"Our main goal for the event is to provide an opportunity for the public to view and celebrate student accomplishments as well as to highlight the UOG Communication Program to help with recruitment and exposure of what the program has to offer," said Muturwan Choay, UOGFF planning representative.

The showcase will consist of four film categories, with two featuring films produced by alumni and the other two featuring work produced in Spring 2020. During the event, the audience will be invited to vote for their fan favorite of the alumni categories. Showcase winners will be determined by audience polling and feedback from selected judges. 

Judging Panel: 

  • Sarah Filush Camacho
  • Kel Muna
  • Corey Santos


  • Twisted Trailers
  • Mood Pieces
  • Fight, Fright, Flight
  • Campus Stories

Intermission will include a presentation of the UOG Communication Program and a donation drive. An Award Ceremony will feature the presentation of awards, winners' speeches, and judges' feedback and advice for aspiring filmmakers.

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