Latest volume of Micronesian Educator shares educator ideas and observations

Latest volume of Micronesian Educator shares educator ideas and observations

Latest volume of Micronesian Educator shares educator ideas and observations


The School of Education has released Volume 30 of its annual research journal, Micronesian Educator, featuring six articles, five critical essays, and five book reviews.

“This journal provides educators with a platform to share ideas and observations that focus on applying theory in practice, with attention to issues specific to the Micronesian region,” said Professor Yukiko Inoue-Smith, co-editor of the publication.

Micronesian Educator
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This latest volume includes articles that focus on student success, educational technology, and student engagement. The topics range from the experiences of Fijian teachers working abroad to the effects of using a game-based learning platform in the classroom, among others.

According to Inoue-Smith, many students submitted pieces for this volume, and three were accepted for publication.

One of the student pieces, a critical essay by English literature graduate student Nikko Capati, analyzes two works of Mia Alvar. Capati discusses how Alvar’s stories deconstruct many culturally normative notions and behaviors associated with Filipino women represented in televisual media.

The other critical essays cover a variety of topics, from the optimal class size for online education in Pasifika contexts to linguistic corruption as a pedagogical tool.

The volume also includes book reviews on:

  • “Online Teaching with Zoom: A Guide for Teaching and Learning with Videoconference Platforms” by Aaron Johnson
  • “The Malaise of Modernity” by Charles Taylor
  • “Unsustainable Empire: Alternative Histories of Hawai‘i” by Dean Itsuji Saranillio
  • “Don’t the Moon Look Lonesome: A Novel in Blues and Swing” by Stanley Crouch
  • “A Synthesizing Mind” by Howard Gardner


Special edition volumes

Two special edition volumes are also available for download. Volume 29 is a special issue on student success, guest-edited by Tracy Tambasica from the University of Southern California and Troy McVey, vice provost for academic excellence, graduate studies, and online learning at the University of Guam.

Volume 31 is a special issue on militarization in the Mariana Islands, guest-edited by Tiara Naputi from the University of California Irvin and Kenneth Gofigan Kuper, UOG assistant professor of political science, CHamoru studies, and Micronesian studies.

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