UOG campus phased reopening beginning June 1

UOG campus phased reopening beginning June 1

UOG campus phased reopening beginning June 1



TO: UOG Faculty, Staff, and Administrators
FROM: Thomas W. Krise, President
DATE: May 28, 2021
SUBJECT: UOG Campus Phased Reopening beginning June 1, 2021

I am pleased to announce a phased reopening of the University of Guam campus effective on Tuesday, June 1, 2021. On behalf of the University administration, I am grateful for your contributions to our island and dedication to our mission throughout the pandemic.

UOG remains committed to the safety of all students and employees in buildings and on campus grounds. Our strict procedures throughout the pandemic have kept our infection rates very low by national standards while also managing to accomplish great things for our students and community.

Effective June 1, the University of Guam will operate as follows:

  • General Operations for Employees
    We will continue to provide excellent service in all offices and units.
    • Administrators and supervisors are responsible for managing staff schedules, ensuring customer-facing operations are available to students and the public, and adhering to UOG and DPHSS COVID-19 health and safety guidelines.
    • Each office should have the minimum staff present to be open during normal business hours. All offices need to be staffed to handle in-person service needs, while also maintaining the masking, hygiene, and 6-foot distancing requirements. Refer to the COOPs (Continuity of Operations Plans) for your unit for details.
    • Remote work is still authorized and encouraged, but only if the full mission of the unit or job can be accomplished remotely.
    • Masks are required, covering both the nose and mouth, everywhere on campus.
    • Employees should sanitize their offices and workspaces regularly and should continue to follow guidelines for social distancing.
    • Unmasked eating and drinking in groups remain unauthorized and UOG groups and personnel should refrain from requiring or encouraging unmasked eating and drinking atevents or functions (refer to the COOP for details). People in positions of authority should avoid inviting or encouraging employees or students to engage in unmasked activities such as eating and drinking. Individuals on their own time are free to take risks up to the limits of the DPHSS rules, but UOG personnel should avoid creating conditions in which people feel pressure or obligation to take risks they might not otherwise take.
    • Refer to Continuity of Operations Plans (COOPs) and FAQs at www.uog.edu/covid-19. Guidelines will be updated to reflect and clarify any new procedures.
  • UOG Campus Partially Open
    Most of the UOG campus and ALL offices are officially open to the public. However, some offices are open by appointment only, so please check www.uog.edu/covid-19 for an updated contact list, hours of operation, and other information.
    NOTE: Because of the daily vaccination clinics, parts of the campus are still closed or have limited access to the general public. From the Administration Building to the back gate located at the UOG Field House side of the campus remains closed except for persons with official University business or persons attending the clinics.
  • COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidelines
    To increase the protection of those unable to get vaccinated, especially with the COVID mutations being on Guam, and to make it easy to know if a classroom or office has been made as safe as possible, we are putting in place some additional recordkeeping procedures including uploading COVID testing results, vaccination cards, or doctor’s notes to a HIPPA and FERPA compliant website. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we develop and perfect these procedures.
    • ALL employees working on campus will be required to provide either:
      1. proof of vaccination or
      2. a weekly negative COVID-19 test to their supervisors beginning June 1.
      Submissions can be made online through a HIPAA and FERPA compliant form. Documents may also be submitted to the Human Resources Office and to your supervisor.
      Unvaccinated students and employees will need to show a negative COVID test at least weekly to reduce risk to others. Employees are granted admin leave to get tests and vaccinations. For those with valid medical reasons for non-vaccination, doctor's letters will be accepted in lieu of vaccines or tests.
      NOTE: Students attending classes on-campus will also need to submit proof of vaccination or a weekly negative test.
    • Employees working remotely or students attending classes online are not required to submit this documentation. Any other exceptions will be approved by the administration on a case-by-case basis. We urge all able persons to get vaccinated for the benefit of their families, friends, coworkers and community.
    • FREE tests are offered by the Department of Public Health & Social Services.

Outlook for Academic Year 21-22

We are working to have more face-to-face classes that will increase the density of people on campus and in classrooms to levels that have not existed for more than a year. Thus, we need to increase our safety protocols to meet that increased density. Please pay increased attention to the safety and security of our people and campus.

As we move through the trial period of the Finakpo' (Jun-Aug) term and on towards the Fanuchånan (Aug-Dec) semester, anticipate that our protocols will be modified to match risk levels.

Thank you all for your goodwill and good ideas for ways to keep the mission of UOG going through this historic challenge. Questions on the above guidelines can be submitted to hrcovid@triton.uog.edu.

Though we’ve been physically apart, the “Triton Spirit” and our mission of Ina, Deskubre, Setbe have kept us connected. We can’t wait until our campus is once again filled with the life, energy, and hope that only our Triton Community can bring. See you soon.

Biba UOG!

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