UOG Announcement | New information regarding COVID-19 safety on campus

UOG Announcement | New information regarding COVID-19 safety on campus

UOG Announcement | New information regarding COVID-19 safety on campus


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TO: University of Guam Community
FROM: UOG COVID Safety Committee
SUBJECT: New information regarding COVID-19 safety on campus

Håfa Adai, UOG Community,

We are excited to begin another on-campus semester on Wednesday and hope everyone's holiday break was refreshing. 

To date, the UOG Community has not had any cases of COVID-19 acquired on campus, and we thank everyone for so diligently assisting in this effort by staying home when necessary, wearing masks, sanitizing spaces, and social distancing. 

As we look to continue on this positive path, in particular as cases are on the rise, please take a moment to review the following new information regarding COVID-19 safety on campus: 

  • When to Isolate, Quarantine, or Get Tested: Everyone should review and become familiar with the latest DPHSS Guidance Memo 2021-06 regarding when it's necessary to get tested and the timeframes for isolation or quarantine.
  • COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters: Boosters are recommended for all employees and students who received their second dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine five or more months ago or their Johnson & Johnson vaccine 60 or more days ago. Boosters are being offered free of charge by DPHSS. View the clinic schedule and locations here.

Clinic schedule and locations

  • Surgical Masks: Use of KN95, KF94, N94, or 3-layer surgical masks (see image below) are recommended for employees and students working and attending classes on campus. Cotton, neoprene, and other fabric-only masks are not recommended, as they may not provide adequate protection against the new COVID-19 variant. (Note: 3-layer masks and KN95 masks may be purchased at the Triton Store.) 



  • General Campus Safety: Please review the COVID-19 Safety at UOG info sheet regarding general campus safety guidance this semester for individuals, classrooms, offices, and buildings. 

Thank you for your continued effort in helping keep you and our campus community healthy. 

Let's stay safe this semester, Tritons!

COVID Safety Committee