UOG alumnus secures fellowship for future diplomats

UOG alumnus secures fellowship for future diplomats

UOG alumnus secures fellowship for future diplomats


Angelo Paule
Angelo Paule is seen in this 2022 file photo

University of Guam alumnus Angelo Paule has been selected for the highly competitive Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Fellowship.

The fellowship provides up to $24,000 annually toward tuition and fees for the completion of an approved two-year master’s program in international affairs or another area relevant to foreign service. The fellowship, administered by Howard University, also provides a stipend of $18,000 per year.

Paule is among 45 who earned fellowships out of 900 who applied.

With the fellowship, Paule can begin his Master of Science in Foreign Service studies at Georgetown University in the fall.

Paule was accepted into the Georgetown master’s program last year after having completed his undergraduate in political science at UOG. He deferred his entry for a year due to cost concerns.

For UOG students or alumni seeking opportunities beyond Guam, Paule shared some thoughts: “Remember where you came from. The way I approached my application was basically a strategy of playing to my strengths while reframing what I thought were ‘weaknesses,’” he said.

While some students from Guam might think the island is too remote to be relevant, one can also look at having lived on the island – a geopolitical hotspot – as a one-of-a-kind experience that broadens one’s view of the world. Growing up, his classmates came from different parts of the Asia-Pacific region.

Parents gave unconditional support

He thanks his parents Gerald and Carol Paule.

“They encouraged me to not compare myself with other people and to try things that I was interested in. I felt like they loved me whether or not I was ‘successful’. That freedom meant I had to define my own standards of ‘success’ and ‘failure,’” he said.

He is also thankful for the mentorship of UOG Political Science Professors Dr. Mary Therese Cruz, Dr. Arun Swamy, and Dr. Kenneth Kuper, and Economics Professor Dr. Claret Ruane, for preparing him for his graduate studies with their challenging coursework.

UOG mentors saw his potential

“He entered the Political Science program with a drive and passion for politics, especially international affairs – that is rare to see in students just beginning their academic journey at the University of Guam,” said Dr. Cruz, Interim Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. “Angelo has the ability to take a concept, analyze it, and engage in meaningful dialogue. These skills will take him far in his graduate studies.”

Paule knew what he wanted and what it would take to achieve that goal, said Dr. Ruane. “He knew he had to complement his political science major with economics courses to be a strong applicant to top master’s programs in foreign service or international affairs,” Dr. Ruane said.

Paule also experienced internship for UOG students at the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Guam and the mentorship of Director General Paul Chen and others at TECO.