The Mariana Islands, 1884-1887: Random Notes (Second Edition) cover

The Mariana Islands, 1884-1887: Random Notes (Second Edition)

Author(s) :

 by Luis de Morales (Author), Charles Le Gobien (Author), Alexandre Coello de la Rosa (Editor) 

Publisher / Imprint: MARC
Year of Publication: 2016
ISBN-10: 1935198092
ISBN-13: 978-1935198093
Pages: 282 pages

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Histoire des isles Marianes (History of the Mariana Islands), written in Paris in 1700, provides a detailed glimpse into a tumultuous and critically significant period in the history of the Mariana Islands and the Chamorro people - the period commonly referred to as the Spanish-Chamorro Wars. Using research conducted in several national and international archives in Madrid, Barcelona, Rome, and at the Richard F. Taitano Micronesian Area Research Center in Guam, Alexandre Coello de la Rosa produced this English translation of the first Spanish edition (Madrid, 2013) of the Histoire des isles Marianes (Paris, 1700), by Charles Le Gobien. This present edition stems from a manuscript preserved in the Arxiu de la Companyia de Jesus a Catalunya, in Barcelona, attributed to Father Luis de Morales, who had been part of the Jesuit mission to the Marianas. Thus, this text calls into question the authorship of Father Le Gobien. Not only because the French Jesuit never stepped foot in the Marianas, but also because his Histoire is based on reports, relations and letters written by other fellow Jesuits, among whom was Father Morales. This book opens with a long introduction analyzing the context of production of the Histoire, together with an annotated edition of the book over ten chapters. Finally, it includes short chronologies of the governors of the Marianas corresponding to the period between 1668 and 1700, as well as the lists of the Viceroys of New Spain (1664-1701) and the Governors and General Captains of the Philippines (1669-1701).

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  • Publisher / Imprint: MARC
    • Hardcover: 282 pages
    • Publisher: University of Guam Press (2016)
    • Language: English
    • ISBN-10: 1935198092
    • ISBN-13: 978-1935198093
Meet the Author(s)

Marjorie G. Driver was an Associate Professor of Spanish and the Curator of the Spanish Documents Collection at the Micronesian Area Research Center, of which she is a founding member. With roots in the Eastern United States, she spent her childhood in Puerto Rico, is a graduate of Russell Sage and Middlebury Colleges and a long time resident of Guam. She taught in Guam’s high schools, was the principal at St. John’s School, and was a faculty member of the University of Guam. She has published numerous articles and English translations of historical materials concerning the lengthy Spanish presence in the Mariana Islands.

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