I Malingu Na Påtgon (The Lost Child) cover

I Malingu Na Påtgon (The Lost Child)

Author(s) :

 by Rufina Fejeran Mendiola 


Joseph Flores Sablan

Publisher / Imprint: Taiguini Books
Year of Publication: 2016
ISBN-10: 1935198076
ISBN-13: 978-1935198079
Pages: 28 pages

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I Malinguna Påtgon (The Lost Child) tells the story of a young girl named Bella, who feels like she has been forgotten by her large and very busy family. She finds friendship and love in her garden. Through captivating illustrations, I MalingunaPåtgon depicts key CHamoru values, particularly the importance of family and working together.

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Product Details
  • Publisher / Imprint: Taiguini Books
    • Paperback: 28 pages
    • Publisher: Taiguini Books/University of Guam Press (2016)
    • Language: Chamorro
    • ISBN-10: 1935198076
    • ISBN-13: 978-1935198079
Meet the Author(s)

Rufina Fejeran Mendiola was born in Saipan and raised in Agat, Guam since 1962. She now resides in Barrigada and is married to the late Joseph Santos Mendiola. They have four children, Joey, Antonette, Geralyn and Audrea. Rufina's greatest passions in life are her family and friends and her language and culture. The day she learned how to speak CHamoru was the greatest moment of her life. She breathes it, speaks it, reads it, writes it and will continue to perpetuate it for as long as she is alive.

Illustrator Joseph Flores Sablan is a self-described “small-time artist” born and raised on Guam. He travelled overseas, where he studied to be an Illustrator and a Concept Designer. He  hopes to bring a new generation into the art industry with his influence.


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