Campus Climate Survey

Campus Climate Survey

Campus Climate Survey

2017 Campus Climate Survey

The institution-wide 2017 Campus Climate Survey captured the responses of students, faculty, staff, and administrators to assess their perceptions and attitudes toward the University. The survey focused particularly on perceptions of campus life and safety including the University’s commitment to combating sexual misconduct. The survey was administered in April 2017. 

Over the last two academic years, the University has required sexual misconduct awareness and policy training for all students and employees. Employees were trained before the Fanuchånan semester began in August, and students are required to take the online training before registering for classes. The University also established a confidential helpline to report incidents. 

“If we look at recent headlines, we see that sexual misconduct including sexual harassment is pervasive regardless of industry or status,” said Robert Underwood, UOG President. “Part of educating our students and developing our employees is to provide them with resources and training to recognize, understand, and report sexual misconduct in all its forms and to challenge systems that may be enabling that kind of environment.”  

While long-term surveying is needed to confirm trends, the results of the 2017 Campus Climate Survey show statistically significant progress in important areas of awareness of services, support, and resources.


Sexual Misconduct Training

The findings suggest respondents generally feel that UOG would take allegations of sexual misconduct seriously, protect an alleged victim, address factors that may have led to a sexual misconduct, and take corrective action. 

  • 92% of respondents reported they had received training in the prevention of sexual assault.
  • 87% would be willing to report an incident to UOG.
  • 71% feel they understand the University’s formal procedures to address sexual misconduct compared to 64% from the 2016 survey.


Perceptions of Campus Life

Respondents generally hold positive perceptions regarding campus life and generally feel safe on campus. 

  • 77% are happy to be a part of the University
  • 57% generally feel valued at the University
  • 74% believe UOG offers quality degree programs.
  • Over 70% believe that ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation are respected on-campus
  • 76% generally feel safe on campus, but 41% expressed concerns about walking alone on campus after dark.


Satisfaction with Services

Respondents were generally satisfied with the University services. However, respondents were least satisfied with food services, parking, bookstore, and the business and human resources offices. To address parking, respondents favored the construction of a multi-level parking structure, and 57% of respondents would be willing to pay an additional fee for its construction.



The survey was conducted entirely online. A total of 702 respondents completed the survey, yielding a final response rate of 15.6% of combined UOG students, faculty, staff and administrators. More females than males, 61% vs. 32%, responded to the survey. The remaining 7% identified as neither male nor female or did not respond to the question of gender. 


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