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Center for Island Sustainability

Meet the staff at CIS

Austin Shelton

Austin Shelton III, PhD

Executive Director


 University of Guam

Else Demeulenaere

Associate Director

Else Demeulenaere is an ecologist and an avid advocate for sustainable living. Else was the co-founder of a community based gardening project which attracted neighbors and friends to learn about organic gardening, Guam’s natural resources, sustainable living by storytelling, and our ecological surroundings. While working for an NGO for nature conservation, Else studied policy-making as a tool to protect the environment. At the University of Guam, Else took part in inventorying Guam’s forests and led a pilot terrestrial monitoring project for the Micronesia Challenge. Most recently, she coordinated the Guam Plant Extinction Prevention Program (GPEPP). In her new position as Associate Director, Else hopes to contribute to the ongoing growth and diversification of the Center for Island Sustainability.


Phil Cruz

Phillip John R. Cruz

Associate Project Coordinator

Before graduating from UOG with a BBA in Marketing in 2012, Phil Cruz was extremely fascinated with efficiency and frugal living; making a lot out of so little. As the Lead Intern for the UOG Green program, Phil learned about various sustainability issues, including climate change education, island-wide recycling efforts, fossil fuel use reduction, coral reef protection, and food security. At CIS, Phil builds upon his internship experience by leading efforts including campus recycling programs, TASI beach guide coordination, Green Dream Homes competition organizing, and Island Sustainability Conference planning, among others.

Phil looks forward to helping make Guam more environmentally sustainable through continuous outreach efforts. He has one message for the community; “Every decision and action we make today, will have an impact on someone else tomorrow. Don’t forget that.”