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Green Presentations by University Faculty:

GOING GREEN: THE IMPACT ON HIGHER EDUCATION INSITUTIONS: going green conference proceedings_dr. annette santos.pdf

Annette Taijeron Santos, University of Guam

Green Tips from the University Community

(These tips were emailed to the UOG Green Committee by members of the University Community - send your suggestions to

  1. Each student, faculty member, and work staff see the pieces of litter each day as they walk among the buildings and parking lot. It would help the image of a "green" campus if everyone would pickup just a few pieces each day. It need not be very much. But, such behavior would be viewed by others and would be a positive example.
  2. Postnet in Upper Tumon still accepts styrofoam peanuts
  3. The Queen of Clean_ a guidebook on cleaning recommends using plain old vinegar as a cost effective and eco friendly cleaning agent.
  4. To reduce the use of paper:
  5. Encourage students to focus research projects on "green" issues.
  6. If you are involved in a student organization as a member or an advisor, encourage the organization to support the UOG Green activities.