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The Division of English & Applied Linguistics (DEAL) Welcomes You!

A Message from the Division Chair

Dr. Chris Garcia, Division ChairHåfa Adai and welcome to our division website!

Here you will find links to information on our programs, descriptions of our courses, and introductions to our engaging faculty and dynamic student body. We trust that our site will help to satisfy your curiosity and answer most of your questions.

The Division of English and Applied Linguistics recognizes the language arts as profound forms of cultural as well as personal communication, and as means for reflection and expression. We believe that critically reading, analyzing, and discussing diverse texts enables students to begin to understand and to communicate their particular experiences and knowledge contextualized by those of the global community. 

We seek to instill this philosophy within our students by developing the skills and knowledge foundational to understanding ourselves and our world. For this development to occur, the Division provides an intimate, multicultural environment where students read widely, analyze arguments, and learn to express themselves with clarity and force in both speaking and writing. In all these, we emphasize the importance of critical analysis for professional success and graduate studies but also for productive contribution to the social, political, and economic strengths of our communities. 

Our Faculty

Our faculty actively engage their professions by publishing, presenting at conferences, and serving as advisors to over a hundred majors and minors. Their specialties align with the University’s focus on preparing our students to be positive contributors to both our regional and global communities. They range from traditional British and American Literature to frontline Pacific Island, Comparative, and Environmental Literatures.

The Major Offerings

The English Major offers three emphases: Literature, Linguistics/ESL, and English for Education. It also offers two minors: an English Minor and a Writing Minor. For those planning on teaching, the English for Education  and the Linguistics/ESL Emphases provide the foundations for a career in education.

We have designed our Master of Arts degree program with several groups of professionals in mind: English teachers seeking further career development, graduates wanting to pursue a doctorate, and professionals looking to cultivate their creative writing or to diversify into writing careers. For further information on our graduate courses, view the English Program in the Graduate Bulletin.

Preparation for Teaching

Students planning on teaching should link the English major of their choice with a second major from the School of Education under Secondary Education, Option A. This linkage will provide them with certification for teaching in Guam's public schools.

Preferably during their freshman year, they should review both English and the School of Education sections of the Undergraduate Catalog. They should also sign up for two advisors, one from their content major — English or Linguistics — and the other from Education.

All students preparing to teach must plan on passing PRAXIS I (for entry into the School of Education) and PRAXIS II prior to acceptance for student teaching and internship.

Preparation for Success

Located at the heart of General Education, our Freshman Composition and Developmental programs play a crucial role in shaping the quality of reading, thinking and writing across the discipline. We take this responsibility seriously, carefully selecting the instructors, attending to placement, providing support systems for those struggling, and seeking though regular faculty discussions to strengthen the quality of teaching in our classrooms.

Once more — Welcome to the home of UOG English! We hope your time on our website will be fully productive.

Dr. Chris Garcia
DEAL Chair


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