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Online Courses

College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences

Online Learning Courses 

The Division’s online courses represent its commitment to serving the diverse needs of our region. Since its first major step in 2008 with EN110 going online, the Division has steadily increased its digital offerings. EN110 has now been joined by four other General Education courses and one upper division course (EN100, EN111, EN210, EN213, and EN323).

Students registering for these courses must have intermediate computer skills, reliable, regular access to the internet, and be self-motivated. Students unsure if online courses are right for them are encouraged to take the UOG Online Readiness Self-Assessment.

To register for online courses, students should:

  1. Register for UOG.
  2. then Enroll in the course by doing the following:
      1. Go to the UOG website.
      2. Follow the link to Online Courses and
      3. Enroll in the course by following the directions. 

A student is not actually enrolled in a course until she or he completes steps A, B, and C.