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DEAL Advisement

It's a Good Day to Become an English Major!


UOG English majors

English Advisement Guidebook

A comprehensive map to your English Major journey.

You Know You’ll Enjoy Being An English Major If You ...

  • love to read different types of texts
  • enjoy analyzing this material
  • have strong writing and speaking skills
  • are creative and like to work independently


 And  If You Are Ready To ...

  • discuss your ideas
  • read literary criticism
  • compare different ways of interpreting the same work
  • manage your time well so you can complete all the reading and writing you are assigned
  • develop your mettle as a scholar by writing  twenty-five-page papers
  • get practical experience interning, editing or writing for the school newspaper or literary journal, or peer tutoring
  • attend readings and participate in other related activities
  • consider studying Joyce in Dublin, Shakespeare in Cambridge, or another author in his or her own country



What Can I Do With An English Degree?


UOG Comp Orientation


Traditionally, English graduates have become:

  • English/ESL Teachers
  • Creative Writers
  • Publishers
  • Producers
  • Journalists
  • Broadcasters
  • Public Relations Developers
  • Public Information Officers/Directors
  • Grant Writers
  • Human Resource Managers


But an English Degree as a Pre-Professional Major or a Pre-Masters Major also prepares you to enter careers in:

  • Diplomacy/International Relations
  • Linguistics
  • Education
  • Medicine
  • Law
  • Public Administration
  • Film
  • Business
  • Science


*This listing of careers comes from the various websites listed in the following pages and from the general knowledge of the UOG English Division faculty. 


Faculty Advisors

Dr. Flores, Evelyn EC-213E (671) 735-2742

American Lit; Pacific Lit & Secondary Education
Dr. Garcia, Chris EC-208A (671) 735-2765

Composition & Rhetoric
Dr. Gugin, David EC-216D (671) 735-2729

Literature; Secondary Education & Linguistics
Dr. Hahm, Hyun-Jong EC-216B (671) 735-2737

Theoretical Linguistics; MA in English Advisor
Dr. Quan, Clarisa EC-213F (671) 735-2730

Applied Linguistics; Chair, MA Program
Dr. Sant, Andrea EC-117J (671) 735-2736

Women's Literature
Dr. Schreiner, Christopher EC-216C (671) 735-2731

Theoretical Literature; Philosophy; MA Advisor
Simpson-Warner, Carol EC-208C (671) 735-2727

English & Secondary Education
Dr. Vest, Jason EC-216A (671) 735-2735 Literature; 21st Century Lit/Sci-fi/Film