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Developmental/Transitional and Bridging English Programs

UOG Writing Center

Each student entering the halls of the University of Guam comes with unique writing and reading skills. Some students will be ready to enter the required EN110 writing course. Others, however, will need further preparation before tackling college-level reading and writing.

The Developmental/Transition Program, offered by the Division of English, equips students for success in their college-level composition courses and major programs.

English Placement Test

To begin with, there’s the English Placement Test. This test is required of all new students and determines placement into pre-college or college-level courses. Students placed in EN085 are classified as "transition students" — they must seek advisement from the English Division concerning which specific courses they may take. English advisors will also help students map out their course schedules toward successful achievement.

Students enrolled in the Developmental/Transition English curriculum will take an EN085 course and an EN085 Lab. At the end of the semester, a writing examination will determine students’ next placement. Some students will continue on in EN085, needing another semester or two of preparation. Others will place into a bridging course — EN100: Fundamentals of College English — which will further prepare them for the demands of academic reading and writing. A few may proceed directly into EN110, the first of the two required college composition courses.

Developmental/Transition Courses

EN085: Fundamentals of English meets twice a week for a total of three hours. In their classrooms, students and teachers address the fundamentals of English, emphasizing writing structure and reading improvement.

EN085L: Fundamentals of English Lab is linked to the EN085 course. The lab meets once a week for two hours and includes a computer reading improvement program called MyReadingLab. The lab class integrates the writing work done in the EN085 class with improvement of reading skills.

EN100 bridges the gap between EN085 and the college-level EN110 course. It focuses on basic organization of ideas as well as on writing articulate and effective sentences.

The Writing Center

For those struggling with their writing or just wanting some encouragement, the Writing Center offers peer tutoring support to help all students across the University spectrum but especially those challenged by their first-year reading and writing assignments.

The English Division hopes that, equipped with the skills of writing and reading from these solid preparatory courses and supported by a cadre of experienced tutors, students will go on to success in their composition courses and their major courses.