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Cengage Learning offers MindTap course integration within our Moodle platform. Instructors can create a course on Moodle and integrate a MindTap course as well as add direct links to homework assignments and chapters.


  • You will be asked to link your Moodleaccount with a Cengage account. This is a one-time activity. Please enter your Cengage Faculty Credentials.
  • If you do not have a Cengage Account,click Create NewAccount to request one. Your request must be verified and then your account information will be sent to you by email.
You will next be directed to the Select Content Source page. This list will display content that was enabled for your institution. Select your adopted Cengage solution. 

The first time you connect to a product from each Moodlecourse, a prompt will displayto create a course. There are multipleoptions for creating a course:

  1. Create a new course: Start a new course without any customizations.
  2. Copy from my existing course: Use this option to copy from one of your existing courses that contain assignments or customizations.
  3. Copy from another instructor’s course: Enter a Course Key from another instructor’s course or course designer to get a copy of their course.
  4. Link to an existing course or section: If available for the selected product, use this option to link to a course previously created directly in the Cengage system.
  5. Regardless of which option you choose you will be prompted to enter basic details about your course. Ensure that Course Start date reflects the first day you want students to access your course. This field will define the first day of the temporary access period for courses where students must purchase access
  6. Enter the required fields andscroll to the bottom of the pagethenclick Continue
  7. You will be returned to Moodleto complete the addition of the Cengage link to your course.
  8. Click Save and return to course.
  9. Your Course Level link has now been established. Both you and your students will use this link to access your Cengage course.
  10. Click on the link to launch your solution and customize your course.
  • Deep Linking refers to the process ofadding links into a Moodle course that take students to a specific learning resource in your Cengage solution. If you want the scores of a graded activity to synchronize to your Moodlegradebook, you will follow these same steps to add the items to your gradebook.
  • To add links into your course, you will begin by repeating the process for accessing the Cengage Tool.
  • After clicking Select Content, select the learning resourcethat you want to link to by choosing the radio button next to that resource. To expand the list, click the horizontal triangle to the left of the respective titles. To previewan item, click the Preview icon.
  • If the item has the ability to be graded, there will be an option to have the item automatically added to your Moodle gradebook. Select the checkboxes for all items you wish to have added to your gradebook.You can only add one content item to your course at a time but you can add multiple items to the Moodle gradebook at one time. In addition, you can add items to the Moodle gradebook without adding a link to the corresponding content item.
  • Depending on which Cengage Solution you are using, this list may initially be empty and will be populated as you add assignments and content to your course.
  • Once all selections have been made, click Confirm Your Selection(s)at the topor bottom of the Select Content list. Review the list and click Save to confirm your selection(s). If you need toadd or remove items from the list, press Cancel to return to the Select Content viewor uncheck them on the confirmation screen and click Save.
  • You will nowbe returned to the Add External Tool view in Moodle, click Save and return to course to add the link into the Moodle course. To add more links to the course simply access theCengage Tool againand repeat these steps.


  • If your product included gradeditems that were added to theMoodle gradebook,you can verify the entries as follows:
    • From the coursenavigation menu, click on Grades and select View > Grader report to confirm the graded activities have been added.Only items for which the Add to Gradebook checkbox wasselected in the Content Selector will have a grade column.
    • When a student completes an activity designated for grade synchronization, the score will automatically report to the corresponding column in the Moodle gradebook.

For additional help, with Cengage MindTap, see the MindTap on Moodle Training Resources.


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