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Institutional Review Board


Updated May 9, 2019

Please note that a review is not guaranteed for an Exempt or Expedited applications submitted during the Summer and is upon the discretion of available committee members. NO Full Reviews will be done during the Summer semester. Normal submissions and reviews will reconvene at the start of the Fanuchånan semester.

Please contact for any questions.



-       IRB Application  - Must be typed out. Handwritten applications will not be accepted. Fill in each section, do not use ‘see attached’ or leave any sections blanks. Student proposal must have Faculty advisor sign.

-       Methods and outline – Explain your research protocols and methodology.   

-       Cover Letter – Provide Cover Letter – see below for sample cover letter; note that cover letter and consent letter are two separate documents

-       Consent Form – Signed original form (Faculty signature, if needed)

-       Assent Form – Signed original form (Faculty signature, if needed)

-       Survey Instruments – Provide a copy of questionnaire or any data collection instruments involved.
           For ALL surveys - include a draft version of survey layout.
           For online surveys (Qualtrics, Google Forms, etc.) - Consent forms must be embedded into survey instrument.


For Extension, Renewals, Modifications to current CHRS:

  • Cover Letter requesting Extension, Renewal, or Modification referencing the current CHRS approval
    • Indicate if there are any changes to any methodology, surveys, etc.
  • Updated application reflecting date changes
    • If there are any changes to the application or supporting documents please highlight (in yellow) all changes.
    • If there are no changes, previous documents will suffice.


Student Proposals/ Class Proposals/ Capstone

To ensure a timely review by the Institutional Review Board for student/ class submitted proposals, IRB application should be submitted one (1) month prior to the expected start date of student research. This will allow the Institutional Review Board to thoroughly review all application.  


IRB Members

Mr. Peter Barcinas

Telephone: (671) 735-2055
Office: Agriculture & Life Sciences Buldg.
2nd floor,Rm228

Dr. Samir Ambrale, MD,MPH, Medical Oncologists, FHP Medical Center

Dr. Andrea Blas, Ph.D., College of Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Guam

Dr. Francis Dalisay, Ph.D., College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, University of Guam

Dr. Yoshito Kawabata, Ph.D., College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, University of Guam 

Dr. Ron McNinch, Ph.D., School of Business and Public Administration, University of Guam

Dr. Mary Jane Miller, Ph.D., School of Education, University of Guam

Ms. Eloise Sanchez, School Program Consultant, Guam Department of Education

Dr. Kathryn Wood, RNC-OB, School of Nursing and Health Sciences, University of Guam 

  • Hardcopies are to be delivered to Dean's Circle House #7; only hard copies will be considered official.
  • Electronic copies may be sent to for preliminary screening (application completeness)
    • When submitting an electronic copy, please scan all documents into one PDF file.
  • Please answer all questions on the application.
  • All applications must have appropriate signatures and will be returned if they do not. All students must have advisors' signatures.
  • All projects (exempt, expedited, and full) must be submitted to IRB. The Committee will determine the status of the study.

    NOTE: Classes submitting research projects- please submit all projects by the first of the month to allow for review time. 

Review Dates and Application Due Dates

  • No Full Reviews from May 15, 2019 - August 21, 2019.

  • Committee may review expedited or exempt studies at their discretion during 2019 Finakpo' (June - Aug.). A review of your application is not guaranteed. If you anticipate research during the 2019 Finakpo' please submit your application before May 15, 2019.



IRB Process

IRB Purpose, Committee, and Responsibilities

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