College Of Liberal Arts And Social Sciences


College Of Liberal Arts And Social Sciences


The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences offers baccalaureate degrees in the following programs:  Anthropology, Communication (Communication Studies and Mass Media & Journalism), English (Literature, Language, or Education Emphases), Fine Arts (Art, Music, Theater tracks), History, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, Pacific-Asian Studies (CHamoru), Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology. 

Minors are offered in Anthropology, Communication, English (General or Writing), Fine Arts (Art, Music, Theater tracks), Geography, History, Pacific-Asian Studies (CHamoru), Japanese Language, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Women and Gender Studies. 

The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences awards Master of Arts Degrees in English, and Micronesian Studies and a Master of Science Degree in Clinical Psychology. 


The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, previously the College of Arts and Sciences and before that the School of Arts the year the University granted the first Bachelor of Arts degree. Academic disciplines providing the core of General Education courses were grouped in departments during the time of the Territorial College of Guam and were combined into divisions when the College of Guam became a four-year institution.

The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences has four divisions: The Division of Communication and Fine Arts, the Division of English and Applied Linguistics, the Division of Humanities, and the Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences. Buildings house facilities for instructional laboratories in English, indigenous and international languages, broadcast and print journalism, anthropology, geography, and psychology. Two and three-dimensional visual arts studios, music studios, and a theater workshop and theater performing facility are in the Fine Arts Building. ISLA Center for the Arts is an art gallery supporting Fine Arts studies. Modern classrooms and office space create an academic environment for learning, research, community involvement, and university service.


The College is led by the Dean. The Dean's Office is on the third floor of the Humanities and Social Sciences Building and serves as the central coordinating and supervisory unit for the academic, research, and service activities of the four divisions. The Dean’s Office is supported by an Administrative Officer and two secretaries. Functional and coordinating support for each division is provided by the Associate Dean, faculty chairs, administrative assistants and secretaries.

Division offices are important centers of information for students in regard to their academic programs; contact with faculty members; registration; advisement; problem-solving; information on student clubs; opportunities for internships, scholarships, and special summer activities; and other student-related activities.

Questions about any of the College’s programs should be directed to:

Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences 
UOG Station 
Mangilao, GU 96923
Tel: (671) 735-2850  Fax: (671) 734-3410

The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Research Agenda

CLASS AAC approved on 9/18/15

The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences research agenda comprises theoretical research, applied research and creative endeavors *in order to generate new knowledge, to apply information for innovation and to promote artistic creation.

The College strongly encourages research with local and regional emphasis while also recognizing the need for a global vision to stay relevant.

*Theoretical research involved the creation of new knowledge, theories, concepts and ideas. Applied research involves the application of the results of theoretical research for practical use to solve current issues or problems.
Creative Endeavors involve visual, aural, written, video, and other forms of artistic production and creation.


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