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University of Guam

College Academic Affairs Committee (L to R): Dr. Michael Clement, Chairperson, Humanities; Dr. Sharleen Santos-Bamaba, Acting Associate Dean; Dr. Andrea Sant, Chairperson, English & Applied Linguistics; Dr. James Sellmann, Dean; Dr. Velma Yamashita, Chairperson, Communication & Fine Arts; and Dr. Amy Owen, Chairperson, Social & Behavioral Sciences. 


Thank you for visiting the webpage of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. This page provides a variety of introductory and supportive materials that will be useful to visitors as well as to the College community of students, faculty, and staff.

This is a place where words and pictures describe activities in the College via the current newsletter and other participant contributions. You can see glimpses of our courses in action: in the classroom and laboratory; in the field; during study abroad opportunities; and in community and performance settings.

Another part of the site, The Learner Focus Series, is devoted to academic quality and learner assessment. A discussion and examples of “best practice” course syllabus development are provided in the lead article. This is followed by assessment studies of academic operations, such as student registration; assessment studies in which faculty report on what they include in their course syllabi; and learner assessments in various courses and programs. We envision this as a rich and evolving part of the Office of the Dean webpage that will provide tools for faculty: to use as they begin their assessment work; to view as examples similar to assessments they hope to initiate; and to review as examples of assessment reports that document a wide spectrum of student growth in the College’s teaching/learning experience. We expect the public to also be interested in these assessment reports as a source of accountability information.
Materials on this webpage provide administrative support to College faculty and staff. A section is provided for all of the College handbooks:

We hope you found our webpage useful. Please let us know if there is any other information you would like to see on it.

James D. Sellmann, Ph.D.

Sharleen Santos-Bamba, Ph.D.
Acting Associate Dean


CLASS Faculty & Student Grants

  • Faculty Travel Grants are awarded for a maximum of $1,500. Priority is given to presenting at academic conferences. The overall budget for Faculty Travel Grants is $29,000 this year. There will be roughly $7,250 per quarter to award. The application link, which includes more criteria, is below.


    Deadlines are on Wednesdays, with deliberations usually on the Friday of the same week. The deadlines are August 30 and November 1 in the Fall Semester, and January 31 and May 2 in the Spring Semester.

  • Student Travel Grants are generally awarded at a maximum of $1,000 for Graduate Students and $500 for Undergraduates. Again, priority is given for presenting at academic conferences. Either the student or the faculty member may apply, but the student must have a faculty sponsor. The budget for student travel grants is $15,000 this year. There is roughly $3,750 per quarter to award. The application link, which includes more criteria, is below.


    Deadlines for Student Travel Grants are the same as Faculty Travel Grants. Again, those deadlines are August 30 and November 1 in the Fall Semester, and January 31 and May 2 in the Spring Semester. 

  • CSR Grants have a maximum award amount of $3,000. These are seed grants intended to either fund small one-time projects or to start fledging projects and help faculty in applications for external funding. The budget for CSR grants is $24,000 this year. There is roughly $12,000 per semester to award.


    There are only two deadlines for CSR Grants, October 4 in the Fall and April 4 in the Spring. Grant funds are valid for one year.

For questions or more information, please contact the Acting Associate Dean Sharleen Santos-Bamba; sbamba@triton.uog.edu



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