School of Education

Academic Divisions

School of Education

School of Education Divisions

The School of Education is organized into two academic divisions:

  • Advanced Education & Research Services (formerly Foundations, Educational Research & Human Studies)
  • Professional Teacher Preparation (formerly Teacher Education & Public Service)

Division of Advanced Education & Research Services

This division encompasses graduate programs that center on advancing learning opportunities in educational theories and research-based best practices to advance graduate students in their area of specialization.

AERS faculty members also advise all undeclared education majors in the undergraduate and graduate programs.

AERS Programs
AERS Faculty
  • Catherine Cardenas
  • Lourdes Ferrer
  • Kathrine Gutierrez
  • Geraldine James
  • ShinHwa Lee
  • Genevieve Leon Guerrero
  • Cheryl Sangueza

Division of Professional Teacher Preparation

This division focuses on the pedagogical component of educator preparation with an emphasis on diversity in an effort to meet the needs of the island’s public school system. Upon completion of our educator preparation programs, candidates meet the certification requirements for Guam. The Master of Education programs develop and advance candidates’ skills to meet high need areas to support our local and regional school districts.

PTP faculty members advise all students who are declared majors of the respective programs.

PTP Programs
PTP Faculty
  • Jackysha Green
  • Andrew Grunzke
  • Matthew Limtiaco
  • MaryJane Miller
  • Dean Olah
  • Michelle Santos