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Field Experience

The student teaching assignment (ED492 or PE492a and PE492b) in the senior year is the culminating experience of the teacher education program. The student is placed with a classroom supervisor at the appropriate level within the school system where he/she is guided through an induction period of observation, a period of participation and observation, and a final period of increasing responsibility for teaching full-time during his/her hours at school. Faculty members of the School of Education provide supervision and assistance to the student teacher.

Because of the importance of the student teaching experience, there are specific requirements for admission. Candidates for student teaching must contact the Office of the Field Experience Coordinator in the semester preceding student teaching to be apprised of the various requirements and to submit materials and information required prior to acceptance in the student teaching experience. Students are cautioned about the need to concentrate their full resources during the student teaching semester on student teaching. Students are not allowed to carry an overload as student teaching is a full-time job. Students are urged to review the contents of the Student Teaching Handbook available on this page or from the Office of the Field Experience Coordinator prior to enrollment. For more information, contact Ms. Anita Palomo or visit her at the School of Education Building room 210, 2nd floor.

General description for all ED492: The student is assigned to a classroom supervisor in an appropriate classroom. Regular observation, counseling and evaluation are provided by the School of Education faculty. Individual counseling and group seminars are required. (Grading System: Letter Grade System)

General Prerequisites: Overall GPA of at least a 2.7 GPA in the teaching area; completion of all education courses and passing scores on the required Praxis II tests as indicated in the student's catalog. Senior standing and no required courses can be taken concurrently without special permission from their program chairperson and field experience coordinator; application must be completed by announced deadline.

Special Prerequisites: Secondary - Completion of all professional and related area course requirements. Student is also required to be present at the assigned school the entire school day and is encouraged to follow the Department of Education calendar.

Special Education: Students must complete student teaching experiences in both elementary and secondary special education settings (split semester).

Elementary, Early Childhood, Special Education and Secondary: Completion of all professional and related area course requirements. Students are advised to follow the to Guam Department of Education calendar.

This course provides teaching experience under intensive supervision in private or public schools depending on the status of the student. Regular observation, mentoring, counseling and evaluation are provided by the SOE. Internship requests from currently employed students or from applicants with unusual circumstances may be made in the form of a written letter of request to the Office of the Field Experience Coordinator. Individuals and or group conference is required. (Grading System: A-P-NC) letter grades.

ED498 is for students who are seeking a degree and have completed all professional and related area requirements, except student teaching and can only be completed in non-GDOE schools. ED498 must be completed in order to substitute for the degree requirement for student teaching.

ED698 is for students who hold at least a bachelor's degree and are seeking certification in the content area they are assigned and have completed all professional and related area requirements, except student teaching.

General Prerequisites:

  • Current employment in a full-time teaching position in the content or level certification will be sought and consent of the employer.
  • Overall GPA of at least a 2.70.
  • For Degree students, completion of all professional and related area requirements.
  • For Certification students, completion of all certification requirements.
  • For Non-Degree students, Senior standing.
  • Passing scores on Praxis II exams as requirement by the students catalog.
  • Application completed by announced deadlines.

ED498 must be completed to meet the degree requirements for student teaching.

Praxis II

Beginning academic year 2007-2008, all students must pass Praxis II Content and present the scores prior to starting student teaching or internship. Official Praxis II scores must meet the GCEC minimum scores. It is highly recommended for students following catalogs prior to 2007-2008 to take and pass Praxis II.

As of academic year 2010, Praxis II Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) is required for student teaching. These scores will also be required for certification. Official Praxis II PLT scores must meet the GCEC minimum scores.

Important information about Praxis testing
  • Guam utilizes a Social Security Number (SSN) for security and tracking of documents to process educator certification paperwork. ETS does not require your SSN for its own purposes, but will submit it to the Guam Public School System with your test results. Failure to provide your SSN could delay processing of your certification application.
  • Beginning with the September 2010 administration, ETS is administering a new version of the English to Speakers of Other Languages test. The test will have a new test code: 0361. The new test covers the same content as the previous test. However, scores are reported on a different scale, so requirements will vary from previous versions. All scores for discontinued tests are reportable for 10 years from the date the test was taken.
  • Check the ETS website as ETS is incrementally increasing the number of computer-delivered versions and will in the next couple of years eliminate the pencil/paper test, except for individuals under ADA.
  • Beginning October 12, 2010, ETS is offering the Elementary Education: Content Knowledge test in a computer-delivered format. The computer-delivered version covers the same content as the paper-delivered version and is scored on the same scale. The computer-delivered test as a new test code: 5014. This computer-delivered assessment is given by appointment through a national network of Prometric™ Testing Centers.
  • ETS has given all Guam test takers the opportunity to have more time on paper-pencil tests - students must request it. ETS was very concerned about ELL students and poor test results, so they are giving extra time IF it is requested. Students must request extra time at the time of registration.

Livetext Portfolio

Applications for student teaching are submitted through Livetext in the form of a Livetext portfolio. The portfolio is to include digital copies of the following documents:

  • Completed application form
  • Current academic evaluation
  • Current resume
  • Letter of acceptance into SOE
  • Midpoint assessment - Praxis scores
  • Disposition rubric completed by a non-SOE faculty

To complete and submit the portfolio, all student teaching applicants must first be entered into the Student Teaching Application course in Livetext. Please see the Field Experience Coordinator at least two weeks before the deadline for your application to enroll yourself in this course.

Required Documents

Students must complete the following within three weeks of beginning student teaching:

  • PPD (TB skin test)
  • Drug Test
  • Police Clearance
  • Court Clearance (Superior)
  • Volunteer Form

These documents are to be submitted to the Office of the Field Coordinator.

As the teaching profession is one of the most important and difficult professions to pursue as a career, it is important for those joining to understand the expectations and difficulties before entering. Each course within SOE requires either a practicum or service learning component to expose students to what actually occurs in the classroom. Hours are determined by the course's Professor, but will be a minimum of ten (10) hours.


Each course's requirements will be determined by the content and Professor, but will include observation and reporting back to the class what was observed. The Field Experience Coordinator will assign students to a school. Once assigned, students will contact the school Principal and follow the instructions as required by the school.

At no time will the student approach anyone at a school without the permission of the Field Experience Coordinator and the School Principal. Students will be expected to observe what happens in a real setting, not evaluate the teacher.

Service Learning

In lieu of Practicum, some Professors require service learning. Service learning differs from Practicum in that the student will be expected to provide support to the classroom teacher or school as required by the class. Service learning requirements will be established by the Professor and will require the student to complete the requirements and hours in the school classroom setting.

Behavior and Dress Requirements

Students completing Practicum or Service Learning are representing the University of Guam and the School of Education and as such must hold to the highest standards of conduct. Students are guests on the school campuses and as such must adhere to all school requirements of guests.

Students will be expected to dress professionally and appropriately when on the school campuses.

Principals have been told that if they do not feel UOG students are acting or dressed appropriately then there is an expectation that the student will be told to leave and the Field Experience Coordinator notified.