Palulap Award

Palulap Award

Palulap Award

Palulap Award Call for Nominations

Palulap MedallionThe Palulap Medallion Award is a prestigious award presented by the Faculty Senate of the University of Guam to a member of the community of Guam who has made extraordinary contributions to the protection and promotion of the fundamental principles of the academy for the University of Guam, including:

  1. academic freedom,
  2. institutional integrity,
  3. institutional and individual autonomy, and
  4. shared academic governance.

The award includes a medallion and plaque, each engraved with a figure of Palulap, the legendary Micronesian navigator whose great wisdom and skill continue to inspire youthful navigators today. It envisions the University as a flying proa being guided toward landfall by a navigator skilled and wise in the arts of academic governance. The award also includes a citation that refers to the recipient by name and summarizes the extraordinary contributions of the recipient.

Nominations are solicited annually, but the award is granted only when the case presented with the nomination unequivocally reflects an extraordinary contribution. Any number of nominations may be made in any one year, but no more than two awards may be granted in any year. Nominees who are not selected may be re-nominated for consideration in the subsequent cycles. Subsequent nominations must be appropriately updated and justified each time they are submitted. The award may be granted posthumously. It is announced and presented by the Faculty Senate at either the Fanuchånan or Fañomnåkan Faculty Convocation. 

The deadline for submission of nominations is 5 p.m. on Wednesday, February 15, 2023.

Eligibility Criteria and Submission Information

For more information, please contact Dr. Gevevieve Leon Guerrero at