Micronesian Links

Bishop Museum, Herbarium Pacificum
Possesses a large collection of Micronesian plants and algae.


College of Micronesia Virtual Herbarium
Large online exhibit of the ethnobotany of Pohnpei by Professor Dana Ling of the College of Micronesia.


Cultivated Plants of Hawaii
This site lists plants in gardens and under cultivation in Hawaii and often occurring in other areas of Oceania, including Micronesia.


Plants of Guam
An online version of Moore and McMakin's ethnobotanical survey of Guam.


Marshall Islands Botany
Part of an online archive of information on Marshallese culture and environment. Maintained by the Charles Sturt University, Albury, Australia.


Micronesica: A Journal of the Natural Sciences
A peer-reviewed journal established by the founder of the Herbarium in 1964 documenting the flora, fauna and natural history of the human populations on the islands of Micronesia and nearby regions.
University of Guam Marine Laboratory
The Marine Lab houses the Herbarium's benthic algae collection.

Other Important Links


Index Herbariorum
An index of public herbaria. Hosted by New York Botanical Garden (NY)


Index Nominum Genericorum
Searchable index of plant generic names hosted by the Smithsonian


International Code of Botanical Nomenclature
Online version of The Code.


International Plant Names Project
A database of the names and bibliographies of all seed plants.


Lyon Arboretum, Honolulu HI
Arboretum and botanical garden located in tropical rainforest at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, Oahu.


New York Botanic Garden
Link to the Steere Herbarium of the NY Botanic Garden.


U.S. National Herbarium
Possesses a large collection of Pacific plants. Many of the museum's publications dealing with Micronesia are available as downloadable pdf files.