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Margie V. C. Falanruw
Herbarium Affiliate

Director, Yap Institute of Natural Science

B.Sc. University of California at Santa Barbara
Ph.D. University of the South Pacific

Dr. Falanruw is director of the Yap Institute of Natural Science (YINS), a small, locally dedicated, non-profit organization engaged in the collection of ethnobiological knowledge and research in natural history, adaptive technology, and ecologically sound development, making applications where possible. The organization is dedicated to the ideal of maintaining indigenous integrity through wise, sustainable use of local resources, and the search for a valid ethno-ecological lifestyle in the Yap islands ecosystem. YINS fills gaps between pure science, the wealth of knowledge and experience of the people of Yap islands, and practical needs which may be benefitted by scientific knowledge. All too often, scientific accomplishment in this area has left with its author. YINS has the advantage of being permanently on Yap and is therefore able to maintain a continuity of knowledge and application. The institute was chartered in 1975 and, among other projects, produces an annual Yap Almanac Calendar which provides information on sustainable use of natural resources.

Selected Publications

Falanruw, M.V.C. In press. The Forest Trees of Yap. U.S. Forest Service.

Wiles, GJ, Engbring, J, Falanruw, MVC. 1991. Population status and natural history of Pteropus mariannus on Ulithi Atoll, Caroline Islands. Pacific Science 45: 76-84.

Falanruw, M.V.C. 1981. On the status, reproductive biology and management of fruit bats of Yap. Micronesica 21(1/2): 39-51

Fosberg, F.R., M.V.C. Falanruw & M.-H. Sachet. 1980. Additional records of vascular plants from the Northern Mariana Islands. 2. Micronesica 16(2): 211-214.

Falanruw, M.V.C., M. McCoy & Namlug. 1975. Occurrence of Ridley sea turtles in the western Caroline Islands. Micronesica 11(1): 151-152

Falanruw, M.V.C. 1975. Distribution of the Micronesian megapode Megapodius laperouse in the Northern Mariana Islands. Micronesica 11(1): 149-150


Dr. Margie Falanruw
Director, Yap Institute of Natural Science

P.O. Box 215
Yap, FM 96943 USA
Tel: 1 691-350-2104
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