Tom Schills


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Tom Schils
Associate Curator and Assistant Professor of Marine Biology

BSc University of Antwerp

MSc Ghent University, Belgium
PhD Ghent University, Belgium

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Tom's research interests include the ecology, biogeography and taxonomy of marine macrophytes. He is currently shifting his research focus from the Arabian Seas to the tropical flora of Micronesia.

Selected Publications

Schils T. 2006. The tripartite biogeographical index: a new tool for quantifying spatio-temporal differences in distribution patterns. Journal of Biogeography : online early.

Verbruggen H., De Clerck O., Schils T., Kooistra W.H.C.F. & Coppejans E. 2005. Evolution and phylogeography of Halimeda section Halimeda. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 37: 789-803.

De Clerck O., Tronchin E. & Schils T. 2005. Red Algae (Rhodophyceae). In: Guide to the seaweeds of KwaZulu-Natal (Ed. by De Clerck O., Bolton J.J., Anderson R.J. & Coppejans E.). Scripta Botanica Belgica 33: 133-267.

Schils T., Coppejans E., Verbruggen H., De Clerck O. & Leliaert F. 2004. The marine flora of Rodrigues (Republic of Mauritius, Indian Ocean): an island with low habitat diversity or one in the process of colonization? Journal of Natural History 38: 3059-3076.

Schils T. & Coppejans E. 2003. Phytogeography of upwelling areas in the Arabian Sea. Journal of Biogeography 30: 1339-1356.

Schils T. & Coppejans E. 2003. Spatial variation in subtidal plant communities around the Socotra Archipelago and their biogeographic affinities within the Indian Ocean. Marine Ecology Progress Series 251: 103-114.


Dr. Tom Schils
Assistant Professor of Marine Biology
Marine Laboratory
University of Guam
Mangilao GU 96923 USA
Marine Lab., Room 108
Tel: 1 671 735 2185
Fax: 1 671 734 6767