Para Hulo' | UOG Strategic Plan 2019-2024

Para Hulo' | The Future of UOG

Para Hulo' | UOG Strategic Plan 2019-2024

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The Future of the University of Guam

The Para Hulo’ Strategic Plan’s requirement that the University seek external validation for its excellence in research and partnerships is a key way to honor and acknowledge how far the University has come as the emerging flagship university for all of Micronesia. The University’s commitment to the student experience, operational excellence, diversifying revenue sources, and developing an infrastructure poised for growth will prepare and showcase progress for the next WASC Senior College & University Commission accreditation visit in 2024.

Throughout the plan the University of Guam remains committed to the principles of the land-grant ideal that universities are:

“publicly created, publicly supported and governed by public bodies for public purposes ... Our mission is a mindset as much as a program. The irreducible idea is that we exist to advance the common good ... [providing] an education that is both liberal and practical with benefits apparent to both students and the larger society…”

For UOG, that “larger society” includes all of Micronesia. For UOG, those “public purposes” include the preservation and flourishing of indigenous cultures and languages of Guam and Micronesia. For UOG, that “liberal and practical” education includes island wisdom passed down from generations in these islands from time immemorial. And for UOG, that “mindset” includes a vision for emerging as one of the most important universities in the Pacific Islands, ensuring Ina, Deskubre, Setbe for the people of this region, for the world, and for the future.

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