Para Hulo' | UOG Strategic Plan 2019-2024

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Para Hulo' | UOG Strategic Plan 2019-2024

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The University of Guam Reaches Ever Upward

Ina, Deskubre, Setbe — To Enlighten, To Discover, To Serve — is the mission of the University of Guam. Since its founding in 1952 as the Territorial College of Guam, and since its elevation to university status in 1968, raising standards of academic excellence and developing robust partnerships with the communities of Guam and the whole of Micronesia have been the core of the UOG enterprise.

According to its Charter, “The University of Guam is dedicated to the continuing search for truth, justice, liberty, happiness, and dignity among the people and islands of Guam and the Western Pacific. … The University of Guam shall provide instruction in the arts, sciences, and professional and technical curricula. It shall provide all support services necessary for its functions and for the maintenance of accreditation, shall conduct research within any or all fields of study as resources permit, and shall provide public service, including consultation services, to the people of Guam. It shall be Guam’s Land-Grant Institution.”

The University's mandate to serve all the peoples of Micronesia makes it unique among American public universities in that it is directed by its sponsoring government to serve people beyond the jurisdiction of that government. As Micronesia’s university, it serves a special — even sacred — function as the primary keeper of island wisdom, including the languages, cultures, and customs of the CHamoru and other indigenous peoples of Micronesia.

The University's designation as a U.S. land-grant university in 1972 underscored the three-part mission of teaching, research, and service that is the foundation of the land-grant idea. Land-grant universities are charged to conduct research, teach the results, and share the benefits with the communities they serve.

Over the last 20 years, the University has achieved a best-practice level of institutional autonomy, which has allowed the institution to expand its academic offerings, launch new programs and initiatives that generate revenue, and seek out partnerships that benefit Guam and the region. The University also developed a solid assessment process to support high-quality accreditation reviews resulting in an unprecedented 16 consecutive years of academic accreditation.

The Para Hulo’ Strategic Plan builds upon the excellent work of the last 20 years or more, including the Good to Great initiative, to help UOG to become its best self — to serve its surrounding communities better, to foster heritage and languages, to develop human capital, to keep the best people here in Guam and the region, to innovate and develop new industries, and to help solve every challenge faced by this region.

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