Enrollment Management & Student Success (EMSS)

KUBRE Programs

Enrollment Management & Student Success (EMSS)

Kubre Programs



The term KUBRE in Chamorro means “helping someone out”. The phrase “Hu Kubre Hao gi nisisidat-mu” means “I helped you with your needs”. This proposal outlines KUBRE, a federally funded student enhancement program designed to promote student success by ensuring students, particularly first year Pacific Islander freshmen, receive quality academic and support services.
Objectives and Focus

  •  To increase the number of Pacific-Island students who succeed in demonstrating Math Skills

  •  To develop relationship with UOG faculty, Graduate Students, Alumni, and Other Professionals

  •  To provide a clear career plan to project-eligible students who are undecided about their major or their career plans

FREE Services!

  •  MA085 Tutoring

  •  Faculty/Peer Mentoring

  •  Supplemental Instruction in MA085

  •  Academic Advisement & Career Exploration Opportunities